‘SEAL Team’: Could Clay Be on the Chopping Block?

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2022Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Things are looking rough for Bravo in the “SEAL Team” finale. According to the synopsis for the final episode of the season, they’re going to get out of Venezuela, but find more trouble waiting at home.

Additionally, Clay is thinking this is going to be his “last run with Bravo.” He’s gone through a lot this season: his baby was born premature, not to mention having to keep Jason’s secret about his TBI. It’s been a tough run for him, and he’s feeling like it’s time to hang up his hat.

But, there hasn’t been any indication that Max Thieriot has been considering leaving the show. Unless the execs have been keeping that a close secret. Usually, when an actor leaves a show, there’s some news, an announcement, unless “SEAL Team” wants this to be a total surprise.

I have a feeling this could go one of two ways; Clay could leave Bravo and get a desk job, be home for dinner every night, and get to raise his son with Stella. Or, someone could convince him to stay with Bravo. The job means so much to Clay, but does it mean more than his family? If he stays, that could create some drama for the next season.

Additionally, we’re not sure if there’s going to be a season 6 yet. There’s been no news about that, either, so we’re all just holding out breath waiting. I’d bet money that we won’t hear about the next season until a few months after the finale. Maybe not even until the last minute. But, here’s hoping “SEAL Team” doesn’t leave us hanging. I feel like the Bravo boys have a lot of stories left to tell.

‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz Shares Cool Camera Angles from Massive Explosion Scene

In recent Instagram posts, “SEAL Team” star David Boreanaz shared a few behind-the-scenes camera angles from a cool explosion sequence. The scene comes from the most recent episode, where Bravo blew the support beams on the underground uranium refinery.

Boreanaz thanked the cast and crew in his posts. He wrote in the caption of one of the videos, “Another camera angle on how we did this sequence. Practical and safe and real is how we do it! What a crew! Thank you! Plus a big thank you to the stunt department and the boys! Sound on! Takes a TEAM!”

The video features a look at the camera moving with AJ Buckley as Sonny Quinn as he runs from the explosion. The other video is the shot from that camera, focused on Buckley. The explosion goes off behind him, and there’s not a bit of CGI anywhere in the place. There were so many camera angles because there was only one chance to capture the explosion sequence. “SEAL Team” definitely prides itself on its set safety, stunts, and real special effects.