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‘Seal Team’: Could Jason Lose His Job?

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Jason Hayes has been put through the ringer on “SEAL Team” lately. In the most recent episode, “Conspicuous Gallantry,” a building explosion partially caused by Jason lands the whole team in the hospital. Except, Jason doesn’t remember what happened.

The episode was told in flashbacks as the team tried to piece together what happened. Clay took audio recordings of his conversations with Bravo Team, and ends up with two very different accounts from Jason. Probably because he doesn’t remember what went down.

Jason’s traumatic brain injury from so many years in the field is catching up to him now. He’s forgetting things, and having blackouts caused from so much trauma and stress. The “complete mission failure” from episode 8 will potentially put him over the edge into getting some help. Seeing his team severely injured has to put some psychological and emotional strain on him.

In a promo for the new episode, Jason seems like he’s barely hanging on. “You don’t understand what this job does to you,” he says to Mandy. “The toll it takes on your body and your mind.”

Clay also voices his opinion about Jason in the promo, recalling episode 8, saying, “His head’s so cracked he nearly blew up his whole team.” Things are getting serious; before, only Ray knew about Jason’s TBI, but now it seems news is traveling through the entire team. Probably because of Clay’s audio recordings.

‘SEAL Team’: Could Jason Hayes Be Leaving Bravo Team?

That’s exactly what Jason doesn’t want to happen, and why he hasn’t said anything about his condition. His commanding officers could force him into retirement, or medically discharge him altogether.

What’s interesting is it doesn’t seem like David Boreanaz has any notion of leaving “SEAL Team” anytime soon. This would be a good storyline for an actor who was looking to pursue other projects. But, Boreanaz seems firmly rooted in “SEAL Team” as Jason Hayes. How is this going to pan out?

Jason can only go so long before command finds out about his TBI, and from the promo, it looks like that time has come. Technically, he hasn’t been fit for duty for some time, and should have been out of the field a while ago. But, that doesn’t make good TV. There needs to be conflict, even if “SEAL Team” prides itself on its realism; there still needs to be that little bit of Hollywood flair to keep audiences interested.

So, how much longer can Jason last like this? How many more times will he throw himself into combat before he completely shuts down or gets someone killed? Bravo Team came close this time; Trent was in a medically induced coma but survived his injuries. What if the next time this happens, someone isn’t so lucky?