‘Seal Team’: Could Ray’s Days on the Show Be Numbered?

by Lauren Boisvert

“SEAL Team” is taking Bravo to the next level with a new undercover mission in South America, and fans are wondering if this is the end of their favorite characters. With the focus on their home and personal lives, fans are left speculating if the show is preparing to end.

“It also appears like they’re planning for a winding down, I assume season 6 might be it,” wrote one fan on Reddit. Another fan speculated that Ray may be retiring soon. He’s coming up on his 20th year of service; that’s a lot of time to be in the field. Recently, he’s been struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder after his capture and torture from season 4. Unlike Jason’s TBI, Ray actually got help for his PTSD and has been improving.

Ray may retire after his 20th year and focus on advocacy, whereas Clay may be presented as such a badass operator that he is immediately promoted,” wrote a fan on Reddit. It’s true, Ray’s time is getting shorter for him to be going on the intense missions he’s been doing all his career. He has to stop sometime, after all.

If Ray retires after 20 years, Clay may be promoted to his position; at the same time, it seems like Clay may take a backseat to Bravo Team as well. His wife Stella just gave birth prematurely, and that seems like something that would make anyone reconsider their life choices. Clay has previously hinted that he may leave Bravo Team to spend more time with his growing family; that was before his child was born early, though. His thoughts about leaving may have become more urgent.

‘SEAL Team’: Jason, Clay, and Sonny Face Issues At Home

In the next episode of “SEAL Team,” Bravo is going deep undercover with no communication or connections to the Department of Defense. The mission will be tough, and dangerous, but if anyone can do it, Bravo can.

But, there are some issues at home for the guys that may make leaving a whole lot harder. First, Sonny’s daughter. He’s finally stepping up to be a father, and now he’s being ripped away from her to go to South America for 6 months. He will most likely be distracted, which could lead to a mistake.

Likewise, Clay could possibly be distracted from the job, as his child was born too early and is now in the NICU. He’ll be worried about Stella and the baby, his mind elsewhere; he’ll have to try hard to bring himself back to the mission.

Then, Jason has been an ongoing problem. The last time he was in the field, the entire team ended up in the hospital. Can he be trusted to lead again? Is he going to make yet another mistake where there’s no one to bail him out?