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‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz Addresses the Possibility Season 5 Finale Is the Last of the Series

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2022Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

It seems like only yesterday that “SEAL Team” made the move to Paramount+. Since then, we’ve gone through so much with these characters, it’s going to be hard to let them go after the finale. But, is this really the end? Is this the last “SEAL Team”?

Star David Boreanaz recently spoke to TV Line about the season finale, and the possibility that it could turn into a series finale. “Listen, I’m an optimistic person…” he said, but stated that there was “nothing official” about season 6 as of yet.

“I do know that we’ve done great for Paramount+,” he continued, “and I’ll just leave it there.”

Paramount+ has done great for “SEAL Team” as well. The show is grittier, rougher, and more intense than it ever was. It’s more than just being able to say swear words now; the stories are darker, as was promised. The show can definitely do more than it ever could in terms of content. Maybe, for season 6, the runtime will increase as well, so we can get a full hour out of “SEAL Team.” Right now, it’s still at the network-mandated 45 minutes.

As for a new season, the bottom line is there hasn’t been any news about a renewal. But, also, there hasn’t been news of cancelation. The show’s ending hasn’t been announced, so unless Paramount+ is planning to completely blindside us with it, I feel safe in assuming this isn’t the end of Bravo. The characters have too many unfinished stories to complete before we say goodbye.

‘SEAL Team’: How Can Mandy Help Jason Heal?

Mandy is going to be back on “SEAL Team,” so, I guess, spoiler, because Jason comes home safe to see her. They left on pretty bad terms last time we saw her, with Jason refusing help for his TBI and basically rejecting her. Now, he’s back to beg forgiveness.

The good thing is that he’s realized, while on the Omega mission, that it’s okay to ask for help. He also knows that he messed up a lot of really good relationships in his life. It’s his responsibility to repair them, now. He screwed Mandy over and treated her poorly, and he’s back to atone. Jason needed that time and the wake-up call he got on the mission to realize that he wants a relationship with Mandy.

He basically admits that he wants something more with her. When he says that, she looks shocked; her face says it all. She doesn’t know how to react after he left her, and she doesn’t know if she’s ready to give him a second chance. She’s going to have to be prepared to help him heal if they’re going to be in a relationship while he’s dealing with his TBI.