Why ‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz Compares a Former Show to ‘I Love Lucy’

by Anna Dunn
The Late Late Show with James Corden airing Tuesday, October 26, 2021, with guests Melanie C, David Boreanaz, and Finneas. Photo: Terence Patrick ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

SEAL Team star David Boreanaz compared a show he used to work on to I Love Lucy. Here’s Why:

Before SEAL Team, David Boreanaz had a long and successful run as FBI Agent Booth on the hit series Bones starring himself and Emily Deschanel. The show was a quirky and off-beat version of a crime show as it followed a team of scientists who happen to work with the FBI. Also, the love story was truly something else.

So why would the SEAL Team star compare a show like Bones to I Love Lucy?

Bones was like these small I Love Lucy skits in the forensic anthropology world. It was such a fun show to be a part of,” he explained in an interview with Parade. The show did have a ton of little “bits,” and often used copious amounts of humor to cope with the darker themes.

Bones ran for 12 seasons and ended in 2017, making it the longest-running 1-hour drama ever produced by Fox. But fans are already hoping for some sort of reunion or revival. But that doesn’t look like it’s in the cards.

“I’m not much of a reunion guy. I work in the now. Emily [Deschanel] would laugh if she were here, ’cause [she knows] that’s the way I am,” Boreanaz said.

Boreanaz’s time on Bones really helped cement his career following a long stint as a character named Angel on both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff series, Angel.

While Angel doesn’t have much in common with Jason Hayes, on Bones, David Boreanaz actually played a veteran character. So SEAL Team seemed like a natural next step for him.

Boreanaz Feels More ‘In Tune’ with His ‘SEAL Team’ Role Than Any Other

Boreanaz has played some incredible characters over the past couple of decades, but he feels most “in tune” with his SEAL Team character, Jason Hayes.

“He is really important to me and, playing him, I feel more in tune as I’ve ever been with a character,” he said. Boreanaz also gets to be an executive producer on the show and has some creative voice. It’s clear that SEAL Team is quite the passion project for him.

He also really loves how much his role has given to some of its viewers who feel the portrayal of the struggles that the characters face are realistic.

“We’ve gotten very positive feedback from veterans, Tier-One operators, and armed forces people thanking us,” Boreanaz said.

Now, SEAL Team is in its 5th season. It started out the season on CBS before making the move to Paramount +, where you can catch up on old episodes and watch new ones as they come out.