‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz Discusses Jason’s Trust in His Team

by Jonathan Howard

This season of SEAL Team put a few things on full display. One of those things was the trust that Jason had in his Bravo Team members.

The season finale has come and gone. If you haven’t been able to watch that on Paramount+ yet, warning major spoilers are ahead. However, if you have caught up and are on track with all that went down, read ahead as we break down some words from David Boreanaz.

This season and, going back to last season, there was a lot of change. SEAL Team has had a lot of heartbreak and troubles. From the TBI that Jason suffered to deaths on the team. A lot of scary moments happened for Bravo. So, after the end of this season, how does Boreanaz reflect on those changes, the trust his character has, and more?

“Full Metal, [and Trent’s death], that was a detrimental hit, the fact that [Jason] almost put the whole team down… That was scary, for his head and where he was and how he made that choice and not knowing his reflection of how serious this situation is and was at that moment,” Boreanaz explained to TV Insider.

When it came to the SEAL Team finale, there was a lot that went down. There is also a lot that is up in the air. The show could be at its end, or the network could order another season. Right now, what we do know is that the team is in Mali.

‘SEAL Team’: Ayahuasca, Death, and Jason’s Growth

With all of the issues that the TBI has given Jason, his ayahuasca journey was important for the character. Folks around the world use the drink as medicine, as a way to cope with trauma and more. Looking for answers, Jason turned to it and went out on his own journey.

“Coming out of the ayahuasca,” Boreanaz said. “Obviously [Jason] felt a sense of understanding the groundness of – I talked to a couple of these guys who have done these ayahuasca journeys, and one of the things they always say to me is, it’s like really, you understand death a lot better. You come to accept it rather than fight it or be fearful of it, if that makes any sense to you. It’s a real sense of them saying, OK, I’ve confronted those deeply rooted fears in my life and what that means. And these characters go, wow, I understand it. I’ve seen death or I’ve seen the dark side, and I understand it and I’m not scared of it anymore, but these characters have to continuously work on themselves and that’s hard to do with what they do for a living.”

The SEAL Team star has done a lot to make his character develop. The Bravo Team has been dealing with a lot of problems this season and of course, in previous seasons. However, now they are in a situation where they could all perish, or make it out alive. Only another season of the show can tell us that.