‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz Discusses the Move To Paramount+

by Joe Rutland

In an interesting move to make during a TV season, SEAL Team departed CBS to run the rest of its episodes Paramount+.

What does David Boreanaz, who stars in the military-themed drama, think about joining the streaming network? He talked about it in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“The streaming format allows us just to do more, more action, more intense scenes,” the actor who plays Jason Hayes said. “It just gives us that extra fabric of getting deeper into the character development, and what these veterans and these characters struggle with, whether it’s PTS (post-traumatic stress), or TBI (traumatic brain injury).

“We’re gonna really be examining Jason’s, kind of, TBI creeping up on him,” Boreanaz said. SEAL Team will look at how this affects Hayes personally, at home, and when he’s on a big mission.

Besides Hayes, other cast members on SEAL Team include Max Thieriot, Jessica Pare, A.J. Buckley, Neil Brown Jr., and Toni Trucks.

‘SEAL Team’ Star Likes Doing Shows Under A Real-Time Situation

The show is in its fifth season. If you want to see the show, Outsiders, then you’ll have to catch it on Paramount+.

Now, Boreanaz talked in 2018 about directing a SEAL Team episode. He said how writing and shooting an episode in real-time is “the mark” of that show.

“It’s a different type of show,” Boreanaz said. “You’re really there with them. I love real-time contained episodes […] I think our show operates best in real-time.”

He is a solid advocate for this type of show.

I think that’s really the mark of our show, being with these characters, live and in real-time, in their workplace and in their environment,” Boreanaz said. “You thread in some personal moments and keep that alive with the characters to drive the plot.”

Actor Talks About How Becoming Father Helps Him With Character

AJ Buckley has been a part of SEAL Team since its first season. He plays Sonny Quinn on the Paramount+ drama and got some help improving his character.

How did that happen? Well, Buckley became a father.

It’s been those experiences for him to weave into his work on SEAL Team.

Buckley said he started becoming more vulnerable while watching his daughter. She could be singing or taking ballet lessons.

When he sees that, Buckley said those moments can “choke me up.”

He also said, “For me, one of the biggest things about being a dad too is you realize you’re mortal for the first time.”

The SEAL Team actor did say that he worries about dying. He also frets about not being there for his kids. It just terrifies Buckley.

What does all of this mean for his character? Buckley hopes it adds a little extra to his role.