‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz Opens Up About Jason and Mandy’s Relationship After Season 5 Finale

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2022Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

With “SEAL Team” season 5 ending, it’s now time to discuss the possibilities regarding what happened. Star David Boreanaz did just that with TV Insider recently, answering various questions about the finale and what could happen next.

Specifically, he spoke about Mandy and Jason’s future. In a vulnerable moment in the finale, Jason went to Mandy’s house to apologize for the way he left things. The last time they saw each other, things didn’t go well. They cruelly and abruptly broke up, and one can only imagine what Mandy went through; Jason had to leave for the Omega mission right after.

But, in the finale, he came back safe and sound and revealed that he wanted a chance at a life with her. Mandy was shocked, rightfully so. But, Jason seemed changed, healthier, ready to accept help and love.

When asked if there was any chance that Mandy and Jason would get back together, Boreanaz replied, “I don’t know if it’s possible. God, it’s such a struggle to really define happiness for this guy in a way. It touches upon it, I know, a lot in the season finale and even more so in this season. But how is that gonna unfold? I don’t know. How is that going to change?”

So, the big question remains: is Jason ready to accept love and happiness? It seems like he is, with the way he went to Mandy. But does he think he’s ready, or is he ready? He’s gone through a lot of rough patches this season, and there’s not some magic button he can press to make it all better. A relationship isn’t going to cure him of a TBI, and he and Mandy both need to recognize that.

‘SEAL Team’: Do Jason and Mandy Have a Shot at Happiness?

Speaking on Jason and Mandy’s chances, Boreanaz continued, “It’s very interesting with this character, how he can be so all in, and then all of a sudden, just get blown up really fast, right? And like, hey, well this is your job. This is my job. This is what I’m doing, and it’s a big sacrifice and the stakes are extremely high here. So for these characters, it wears on their minds.”

Mandy probably stressed over their last meeting, but in the scene from the finale, it seems like she came to terms with the fact that Jason is damaged goods. She admitted that “she’d had enough” for one lifetime; but, then Jason spilled the beans on wanting something more, and Mandy had to reconsider her options.

“And when they leave it and then they go out and do what their job is,” Boreanaz explained, “then it breaks down to, Jesus, man, I can’t go back to that or something happened or I’m triggered again. So there’s hope, but you just don’t know with these characters.”