‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz Teases Bravo’s ‘Last Stand’ in Sunday’s Finale

by Jonathan Howard

David Boreanaz is the go-to for all SEAL Team teasers. His latest has me raising my eyebrows a bit, could it be the end?

With the Season 5 finale set to debut on Paramount+ this weekend, no one knows what is going to happen. What we do know is that there will be an explosion and that this could be the “last stand” for Bravo Team. If that is true, then there is a lot that could happen in the upcoming episode.

For the guys on SEAL Team life hasn’t’ been easy. That is especially true for Jason and Clay. Each member has their own issues going on, but those two have a lot to consider as far as returning to Bravo. Will they stay together? Or is this the end of the road?

Check out the Instagram clip below and see for yourself.

“Victory or defeat?” Boreanaz asks. “Season finale drops Sunday. [Could] this be [Bravo’s] last stand?”

During the video, we see clips from the team’s escape out of Venezuela. Not everything can always go according to plan. A truck is exploded with RPGs and there are some heavy conversations being had. Is the team going to have to rely on Jason to come to the rescue? Is he going in one last time? Will Clay end up leaving the team to start a family?

With so much on the table, SEAL Team has a lot to deliver. Fans are expecting to see some parts of the story settled. They are also hoping to see a little bit of a cliffhanger. Just enough to keep interest in the show high and potentially get a Season 6.

The Future of ‘SEAL Team’ Is Uncertain

Now, the point of SEAL Team is to show that these men are not superheroes. They do extraordinary things each week, but they are human at their core. So, that naturally means that they can’t keep going on missions forever. However, is the show ready to go out with a bang? Or is there more story to tell?

The season finale is going to reveal some things to fans, the network, and writers. If the show ends with a huge cliffhanger, no one knows what happened at the end… then perhaps the network will bring it back for one more season, or more than that. However, it could just mean that the end of the series will just be confusing if it winds up being the series finale as well.

There is no word one way or another. But, perhaps the season finale will give some more insight into the future of the series. The move to the streaming platform more or less worked. So, is this something worth keeping? That remains to be seen. SEAL Team is set to show the finale this weekend.