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‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz Tells Why Season 5 Was ‘Toughest Season to Shoot’

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2022Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“SEAL Team” has ended season 5, and star David Boreanaz has been making the rounds, discussing details of his show. Recently, he spoke with TV Insider about the future of “SEAL Team,” and what happened in that wild season finale.

First, he commented on the season’s success, stating, “Yeah, it was a good season.” He went on to discuss the toughness of number five compared to the other network seasons. “I think of all the seasons, it may have been probably the toughest season to shoot,” he said. “And you kinda say to yourself why would that be? I think, even though we had a limited amount of shows that were ordered […] for us, [it was] just kind of getting used to that. So it was kind of challenging to feel that out the first four episodes and then transport over and then get our feet settled in and how that’s gonna work. I think we hit it over pretty good.”

So, logistically, it was tough to move from CBS to Paramount+; the stories were darker and grittier, and more demanding. “SEAL Team” now had to play to a streaming audience, and deal with the fallout of leaving the network.

Boreanaz mentioned that the episodes became more intense when the show switched over. “There’s something about network television,” he started. “Where you have the formula and you kind of hit the acts and this and that. Once we got over to the streaming world, I know that we were able to open that up a little bit, and I think that the good thing is that we’ll even tune into it a little bit more as far as, what does that mean? How can these shows be done? So it was challenging on that aspect.”

‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz Talks Season 5 Finale

Boreanaz went on to describe the shooting schedule, and how tough it is on the cast and crew. He praised the producers and showrunner for their work on the season. “But they were just big episodes and the timing – we shoot our show 10 hours in seven days,” he said. “I don’t think that you can see any show out there that does that. We’re an efficient group of people and being an executive producer on the show, along with Spencer [Hudnut] and Chris Chulack, it allows us to kind of really dig deep and figure out how we can do these shows […] but that’s a lot of work in a lot of less time to produce what we did.”

But, Boreanaz said he was proud of the work put into this iteration of “SEAL Team.” Even if it was the toughest yet, cast and crew came together to create a magnificent season. “I’m really proud of that,” said Boreanaz. “I look at these shows and they’re big and production value is great, and for what we had, and the cast was phenomenal the season. It was a tough journey, but we made it through.”