‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz on What He Wanted to ‘Highlight’ in Season 5 Episode He Directed

by Jacklyn Krol

SEAL Team David Boreanaz wanted to highlight one specific aspect in Season 5. In case you didn’t know, the famed actor wears many hats, including the director. He actually directed an episode of the hit show this past season. While having to juggle two roles, he wanted to make sure that he spotlighted one characteristic of Davis, played by Toni Trucks. She is appearing to expand into a new world.

In a new interview with TV Insider, Boreanaz discussed the SEAL Team episode in depth. “It’s phenomenal,” he said of her character’s plot. “When I directed the [penultimate] episode, I really wanted to highlight Davis’ strengths and that character really was originated from a real person that [executive producer] Mark Owen knew.”

He described her as a badass that “didn’t take any s–t”. His overall goal was to explore how Trucks could play into that for Davis’ character.

“I think we did a good job,” he continued. “And I was happy to see her doing all that physical stuff and stunts and she was pregnant, so it was like, wow. We were very cautious and safe, but she loved it. She had a great time and it was great to see Toni get into that, into those moments.”

So can fans now expect a sixth season of the hit show? Boreanaz laughed at the question. While he wasn’t blunt, he did tease that they are doing well.

“I can’t say,” he began. “What I could just say is that we’ve done great for Paramount+. You look at the numbers and the streaming, and then we’ve been trending as one of their number one shows for the past few weeks. So we’re doing good for ’em.”

‘SEAL Team’ Finale

As always, a warning to anyone that is behind, SEAL Team spoilers are ahead!

Boreanaz said that it was a good season but so far, it was the toughest shoot for the team. This was because they had a limited amount of shows that were ordered. Not to mention the fact that four episodes aired on CBS and then the rest of the season was on Paramount+, the streaming service. Quite the difference.

“So it was kind of challenging to feel that out the first four episodes and then transport over and then get our feet settled in and how that’s gonna work. I think we hit it over pretty good,” he admitted.

Once they joined the streaming world they were able to have more freedom to open up their storytelling. “We’ll even tune into it a little bit more as far as, what does that mean? How can these shows be done? So it was challenging on that aspect,” he added.

They ended up shooting the show with ten-hour days in just seven days. His third hat as an executive producer helped him create a team of people who want to get the job done.

“It allows us to kind of really dig deep and figure out how we can do these shows — and have a great line producer — but that’s a lot of work in a lot of less time to produce what we did. I’m really proud of that. I look at these shows and they’re big and production value is great, and for what we had, and the cast was phenomenal the season. It was a tough journey, but we made it through,” he concluded.