‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz Would Be Willing to Trade Places with a Rock Legend

by John Jamison

SEAL Team star David Boreanaz trades places with people for a living. When the director yells action, he becomes Bravo Team leader Jason Hayes. But who would he choose if he wasn’t limited to fictional characters? What if David Boreanaz could switch places with anyone?

Well, you’re probably going to like his choice. Then again, it’s not really our place to judge, but who wouldn’t want to step into the shoes of Mick Jagger? If only for a few days. The lead singer of The Rolling Stones has led an extraordinary life as one of the first true rockstars of all time.

The SEAL Team star revealed his answer at the end of a 2019 interview with Parade. Boreanaz was given several different personal trivia prompts to answer, and the Jagger response to “I would trade places with…” is one of the most telling. It also goes hand in hand with the musical skill Boreanaz wishes he had. “Being a really good drummer or playing guitar,” he said.

Wait, wasn’t Mick Jagger predominantly a vocalist? Indeed. But a quote he gave in 1969 is right in line with Boreanaz’s own musical wishes.

“I don’t really like singing very much. I enjoy playing the guitar more than I enjoy singing, and I can’t play the guitar either,” said Jagger.

It’s a shame Jagger didn’t say he wanted to be an actor. Otherwise, we might have a mutual exchange on our hands. And that brings us to another question. What are the rules of this trading places game? Does Boreanaz want to be today’s Mick Jagger (which, let’s be honest, would still be pretty cool)? Or is he trying to switch places with the Stones’ frontman of the late 1960s?

Who Needs Guitar? The ‘SEAL Team’ Star Can Juggle

Can Mick Jagger juggle? No clue. But SEAL Team star David Boreanaz definitely can. He claimed it as one of his “hidden talents” during the interview.

These personal details are helping us learn what makes David Boreanaz tick. But some of them could lower people’s opinion of him. For example, whenever public figures name their favorite fast food establishment, they subject themselves to the heated debates going down on the internet every day.

The fast-food wars are never-ending. There are no winners. Boreanaz? He’s partial to the fresh-never-frozen offerings of In-N-Out Burger. It’s a controversial choice and typical of an actor living in California. But don’t let that define him.

Maybe some of his other tastes can redeem him in your eyes. Goodfellas is his favorite rewatchable movie. Most of us can get on board with that as a reasonable choice. He’s a fan of National Geographic, which hits all of us Outsiders in the soft spot.

The SEAL Team star is alright in our book.