‘SEAL Team’: One Departed Character Will Make a Return in Upcoming Episode

by Chase Thomas

New year, new episodes SEAL Team, folks. The hit show on CBS returned with its eleventh episode on January 2. With the show being around for several seasons now, some characters have come and gone. Some of those characters fans really latched onto and miss a great deal. Two of those characters are Trent and Thirty Mike. When asked if either could return this season, TV Line’s Matt Webb Mitovich revealed that, “I have no updates on those two fellas, but I can tell you that dearly departed Full Metal (played by Scott Foxx) will return this Sunday, in a special way.”

So, no updates on those two missed characters in Trent and Thirty Mike, but Full Metal is coming back on the new episode on Sunday.

Only time will tell if the future of those beloved characters changes, but as of right now, the report is that one should not expect either to return in the short term.

Dita from ‘SEAL Team’

One of the coolest aspects for a lot of fans of the program is Dita the dog who works with the team, and, specifically, her own who also acts on the show Justin Melnik.

Melnik told Assignment X, “After Dita got on the show, and her Instagram kind of went viral, her original breeders reached out to me through social media, and I knew they were legit, because they sent me some pictures of her that I’d seen as a puppy, and they knew the right information. Dita’s cousin was that dog from PERSON OF INTEREST. Dita was slated to be a police dog in her life. So it’s very unique that she ends up on television, and even more coincidental that her cousin was the dog from PERSON OF INTEREST, which was also a CBS show. Jim Caviezel, who was supposed to be our original Jason Hayes, was on that show, too. Coincidence? I think more like conspiracy theory. Just kidding.”

A Small World

How small of a world is that? If you thought the dog looked familiar from the hit CBS show, you would have been right. The dogs are cousins. She was also always going to be a police dog, which is what the actor previously did.

He concluded, “If she’s getting a bad guy, if she’s attacking someone, one episode, I put on the bite suit for a montage we were doing during Season 1, but it was me catching her as playing around on the base, killing time. But every other time we set it up as an actual real-life scenario for her, and we use the stunt guy who’s been trained to catch dogs.”

The dog has many talents and she is a beloved character on SEAL Team. She is obviously trained quite well. The dog is able to shift from playing around when they’re not filming to getting serious when necessary.