‘SEAL Team’: Does Latest Episode Hint Jason Is on Road to Recovery?

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Jason Hayes has been going though a seriously tough time on “SEAL Team”, but it looks like there could finally be light at the end of the tunnel. In Sunday’s episode, Jason finally broke down, accepting that there was something really wrong. He almost took the easy way out, claiming that he wanted to go out “on his own terms.”

But Ray and Clay found him in time. Ray convinced him to go see a former Army Ranger living in the area who went through the same things, a traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress. The Ranger, Marc Lee, shared his psychedelic plants with Jason, claiming that they helped with his TBI.

So, Jason went on a little trip. While under the influence of the plants, he reunited with Curtis Johnson, Jorge, and Full Metal, three of his fellow SEALs who he was responsible for during his first stint as Bravo 1. They were also the first men who died on his watch. After that, Jason vowed no more. They shared that they didn’t hold him responsible for their deaths, and then revealed that they weren’t the ones that he held the most regret over.

Enter Alana Hayes, Jason’s late wife. She comes to him during his trip, and the layers of Jason’s guilt are peeled back. She shares that she refuses to be a victim. Alana says that she has to save him again, and utters a truly heart-stopping line: “Jason Hayes, you are worthy of love.”

Hearing that from his dead wife, whose death he blames himself for, has to be a turning point for Jason. Hopefully, now he’s willing to ask for help. He deserves help, and there are so many people around him who are willing to support him.

‘SEAL Team’: Neil Brown Jr. Explains What He Loves About His Character

Neil Brown Jr. portrays Ray on “SEAL Team”. He’s a crucial character, Jason’s right hand, his trusted second in command. Brown recently spoke to the show’s official Instagram about what he loves about Ray.

“One of the major things I’ve grown to love about Ray through these five seasons is his ability to endure,” he shared. “And evolve and realize he isn’t this all-powerful superhero that people may expect him to be.”

Ray has gone through so many tough experiences, most recently being kidnapped and tortured in season 4. He dealt with the aftermath and the PTSD from that encounter. Now, he has to be there for his team leader as he struggles with his own mental injuries.

Despite what he’s gone through, Ray is steady and stable. He’s the team’s rock, and they know he’ll be grounded no matter what they experience in the field.