‘SEAL Team’: Episode 13 Is Now Streaming on Paramount Plus

by Jacklyn Krol
Paul Archuleta, Getty Images

SEAL Team has a new episode ready to binge! Season 5 Episode 13 is now available to stream exclusively on Paramount Plus.

The official synopsis reads, “Bravo will need all hands on deck for a massive mission to shut down the Venezuelan nuclear program, but the biggest threat to their success could be one of their own”. The episode is fittingly titled “Pillar of Strength“. You’ll understand the pun once you watch the episode.

As always, warning: spoilers ahead!

The episode follows Jason facing a new threat and considering what exactly that will mean for the future and team at large. He apologized to Clay for his previous actions and told him that he wants to make everything right again. Sonny attempts to tell Clay that his decision wasn’t wrong but heroic. And of course, Clay wouldn’t listen.

Meanwhile, the team wants to complete their mission in Venezuela to go home. So they form a plan of attack and enter the textile factory. The biggest plot twist is when Sonny realized that there are only eight charges and they need nine. Jason decided to ram his truck into the extra pillar. It ended up working and they enlist Davis to help retreat however the police show up at the scene. Finally, Jason is scared that his stripes could be taken away from him. So what is he going to do?

Character Transformations

SEAL Team Star Neil Brown Jr. spoke to CBS about what he has grown to love his character. Neil Bron Jr. portrays Ray Perry on the hit show.

“One of the major things I’ve grown to love about Ray through these five seasons is his ability to endure,” Brown explained in an Instagram video. “And evolve and realize he isn’t this all-powerful superhero that people may expect him to be.”

Over the course of the last five seasons, he has been through his fair share of issues and struggles. His biggest problem is the fact that he has the highest expectations on himself.

‘Seal TEAM’ Relationship

Seal TEAM star Toni Trucks spoke about her character’s (Lisa Davis) relationship with Sonny Quinn. Some fans are predicting and hoping for a reunion with her and Sonny.

“I think she wants to be on her own,” Davis said in a video clip. “But she wants to keep everybody she loves safe.”

Lisa is an independent person who also cares deeply for her loved ones, including Sonny Quinn.

Viewers witnessed a few changes in Season 4 with their dynamic, could they try to make this into a relationship? Over the seasons they’ve been known as the on-again-off-again couple. Will they try and make things work?