‘SEAL Team’ Fans Are Worried About One Character’s Future on the Show

by Lauren Boisvert

In a cryptic warning on Instagram, “SEAL Team” star David Boreanaz shared a hint that someone might not survive the finale. He posted a photo on his Stories of a military jacket with a bloody bullet hole through the left side. Boreanaz asked, “Who won’t survive?” There’s no name visible on the jacket, but fans are speculating.

It’s possible that the jacket could belong to Clay Spenser. He and Jason Hayes got into a fight in the latest episode, and while Jason would never kill Clay, there’s a possibility that Clay could die because of Jason’s brain injury; all it would take is a blackout on Jason’s end during a dangerous mission, and someone, anyone, could be killed.

In the previous episode, Jason accused Clay of wanting his Bravo 1 position, that Clay was undermining his command in order to get him sidelined. What Clay is really doing is looking out for Bravo Team while their leader is basically incapacitated.

In the fight between Jason and Clay, Jason brought up the fact that Clay left his wife and son to come on the voluntary mission; he used Clay’s son in the NICU to guilt Clay into giving up the fight and claimed that he was only there to stroke his ego. Jason fights dirty. That much is clear. But Clay loves his brothers on Bravo Team and won’t leave them alone with a liability like Jason.

What’s Been Happening On ‘SEAL Team’ Recently?

So, “SEAL Team” is leaving us hanging until Jan. 2; no new episodes until the new year. What are we all to do in that time? Well, we could discuss theories and talk about what’s been happening on the show so far. That sounds good.

In the last episode, Bravo went on a dangerous undercover mission into South America. They had no communication, and they weren’t working directly with the DOD. They had no help, no direction, only the basic mission outline and each other. The op was going to last up to 6 months. Because of this, “SEAL Team” used time jumps, which the show usually doesn’t do. For the most part, it’s in real-time.

Things took a turn when Bravo ended up killing a man they should have captured instead, and Clay wouldn’t let it go. He was dangerously close to insubordination, and Jason let him know. “This whole ‘no ranks’ bulls–t, it stops, now,” Jason told Clay. “You questioning my orders earlier, and then you just taking a run at me right now in front of my team. You’re looking for some kind of measuring contest, guess what buddy? You’re going to lose.”

Clay seems seriously close to a breakdown over this; he told Ray about Jason’s TBI, but Ray advised him not to tell anyone else about it. How is Clay supposed to hold onto a secret like that? Or is it going to die with him in the finale?