‘SEAL Team’ Fans Hilariously Chime In After Judd Lormand Asks for Caption to Photo

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

SEAL Team star Judd Lormand might remember the old adage “be careful what you wish for.” Fans are chipping in captions for a pic.

Alright, Outsiders, so here’s the picture that Lormand sent out.

He plays Lt. Commander Eric Blackburn on the show.

Yes, the picture is from a SEAL Team episode.

So, let’s review the fans’ fantastic work in captioning.

Fan timup66 writes, “That Look when you tell Her “NO”.”

Then cothranlozan writes, “Davis, what in the heck were you thinking?”

Fan gerhardus_alberts_2021 offers, “Im so glad that @juddlormand is back in seal team I really missed him on seal team”.

Another fan posts on the SEAL Team photo, “Commander means business”.

Then another one offers, “Are you out of your mind??”

Finally, this fan writes, “Alright. Now listen up Eric.”

SEAL Team is firmly planted on the Paramount+ streaming service. New episodes drop on Sundays and can be seen throughout the week.

‘SEAL Team’ Star Realized Show’s Impact During Time With Veterans

Lormand understands that SEAL Team provides a powerful show that does show the impact of war on people.

But he is asked if a specific moment stands out to him. One that made what he’s doing means more.

“It was during our pilot,” Lormand said. “I was talking with two of our consultants, both of these guys served as operators in different aspects of the military. I was talking to them in New Orleans, and I realized one of them had a massive injury, very visible, to his left arm from war. Then, the other guy had a very similar massive, visible injury to his right arm.”

These war veterans provided first-hand accounts and information that brings wartime military service to life again.

Lormand Says That It Is Truly Important For Show To Get Authentic Feel

“That was one of the first things that really touched me,” the SEAL Team actor said. “We’re playing these guys that do this. They’re here to help us get it right, but seeing the long-lasting effects if you make it out alive, seeing that first-hand was a gulp moment.”

Lormand said in another interview that it was a great, humbling experience working with vets on the show. This detail is seriously authentic.

“If the SEALs wouldn’t do something, then it’s not going to happen — everything from holding the gun the right way to planning out these missions,” he said. “If it’s not real, we don’t do it. It’s a privilege to portray individuals who have done this for our country.”

Lormand joins David Boreanaz and Max Thieriot in the show’s cast. The series started out on CBS before making the move to Paramount+.