‘SEAL Team’ Fans Are Going Absolutely Nuts Over New David Boreanaz Action Shot

by Amy Myers

New network, same Jason Hayes. SEAL Team posted a photo of Team Bravo’s Master Chief Special Warfare Operator after airing a particularly powerful episode last Sunday. The series dropped the photo ahead of this week’s two-part episode which will once again focus on the team’s operation in North Korea. Previously, the situation overseas was already getting tense, so the next chapter for Team Bravo will likely have lots of action.

SEAL Team teased a photo of what fans can expect in Sunday’s episode with a photo of David Boreanaz, the actor behind Jason Hayes. In the shot, Hayes is dressed head to toe in tactical gear. He has his rifle at the ready, and it seems like he’s heading into the heart of the conflict. Hopefully, the rest of the team isn’t too far behind him, or perhaps right beside him. If not, we might see Hayes in a whole world of trouble.

“The clock’s ticking,” the show wrote in the caption, furthering the suspense of the episode.

Meanwhile, fans can’t wait for their next fix of SEAL Team and crowded the comments with their excitement.

“Looking forward to Sunday!!!” one fan wrote.

“You got this Bravo 1,” another shared, referring to Hayes’ call sign.

When the Navy send their Elite , they send Bravo Team ….. boots on the ground Bravo 1,” a third said.

No matter what lies ahead for the SEAL Team, fans are confident that Hayes and his men will come home victorious.

‘SEAL Team’ Fans Share Frustration Regarding Network Change

Even though the change from CBS to Paramount+ hasn’t affected the SEAL Team storyline, it’s still taken its toll on the fanbase. Some fans are strictly CBS viewers and aren’t willing to pay for the streaming network app to access their favorite show. Unfortunately, this may impact the ratings for the show for future episodes.

While a number of fans celebrated Team Bravo’s continued mission on SEAL Team‘s latest post, others took the opportunity to voice their frustrations regarding the abrupt change in networks.

“I’m so upset! I won’t get to watch the show on Monday since moving to the app,” one fan lamented. “I have watched David since before Bones was on TV.”

“it’s bull crap that we need to pay to watch !! @sealteam_pplus this is wrong . We pay enough for Cable,” another fan said, tagging the show’s Paramount+ account.

“The best show on Tv going to miss watching. Good luck on PPlus I will miss it a lot. But money before fans as always,” a third shared.

Hopefully, in the future, Paramount+ may open up the series so that it’s available to SEAL Team fans that don’t have access to the app.