‘SEAL Team’ Fans Are Loving David Boreanaz’s Adorable New Video of His Dogs

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images)

“SEAL Team” star David Boreanaz recently posted a sweet video on Instagram of his dogs playing around and fans can’t get enough.

In the video, one little dog sits in front of a box, just hanging out. Next thing you know, a huge German Shepherd-looking dog is leaping out of the box, much to the chagrin of the little dog, who dodges out of the way.

It’s a funny little look behind the scenes of David Boreanaz’s life with his beloved pets. The dogs are super cute, so hopefully he posts about them more on his social media.

Meanwhile, we get to see David Boreanaz himself on “SEAL Team,” sans dogs. The recent episode was intense, as things came to a head between Clay and Jason. Clay left to go on the undercover mission, even with his son in the NICU, because he felt he needed to protect the team from Jason. Jason threw that back in Clay’s face, claiming it was because of his ego that he left his struggling family. Ultimately, Clay is just trying to do what’s best for his team, because Jason is a ticking time bomb right now.

Jason’s been steadfastly ignoring all the red flags and pretending that he doesn’t have a compromising brain injury. He doesn’t want to leave the field, Bravo Team is basically all he has; what is he going to do if he’s medically discharged? Clay is risking his relationship with Jason if he reports him to Eric or Soto. But if he doesn’t, the lives of everyone on the team are at risk. Jason could have a blackout and get someone killed, and that’s not something Clay’s willing to sit back and wait for.

‘SEAL Team’ Actor Justin Melnick Praises Max Thieriot and David Boreanaz

“SEAL Team” actor Justin Melnick didn’t have a lot of acting experience when he joined the show. He had more hands-on experience, definitely, being a former combat photographer and small town police officer. But he has great praise for his co-stars, and says that he watches them for cues.

“It’s been such an exciting adventure,” Melnick told Variety. “I’ve had the best acting teachers in the entire universe in my eyes. Watching Toni Trucks and Neil Brown Jr, AJ [Buckley], Max [Thieriot] and David [Boreanaz] go back and forth in scenes, every week I’ll focus on something else that they do, whether it’s improv or facial expressions or body language or figuring out where the camera’s going to be so they can get their shots in one take.”

Being on set and watching the pros do it is the best immersive experience you can get as an actor. Melnick has every opportunity to grow and improve right there before his eyes. Also, he’s in charge of the dog. Talk about lucky.