‘SEAL Team’ Fans Predict Who Jason Will Put in the Safe House

by Joe Rutland

There are some SEAL Team fans who think they have an idea just who Jason Hayes is going to put in the Safe House.

OK, so what are these guesses?

Before we get there, let’s take a look at what the SEAL Team Instagram account sent out on Friday. David Boreanaz, of course, plays Hayes.

Let’s see what the fans have to say.

One SEAL Team follower says, “I have no idea. We’ll see”. Another one writes, “Ray?”

Yet another fan writes, “Ray or Jason himself”. This SEAL Team follower writes, “Sonny or Ray.. Maybe”.

At some point, these people want Our Man Jason in there. “All right, good question. And who will put Jason in a safe house?” one asks.

This guess comes in Instagram: “Gonna guess ….. Sonny?”

And finally, this guess rolls in on the account: “Jason should call the squint’s from Bones and have them work on a way to fix his head”.

Enough said.

Other cast members include Max Thieriot, Jessica Pare’, A.J. Buckley, Neil Brown Jr., and Toni Trucks.

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‘SEAL Team’ Star Toni Trucks Reveals Just What She Does Love About Davis

When it comes to SEAL Team characters, fans appear to truly love Lisa Davis, played by Toni Trucks.

Now, this character is tough yet thoughtful and sensitive.

Fans know that Davis will go after real change within the system where she can do so.

Trucks spoke recently with Paramount+ about her character.

“I think she wants to be on her own,” Trucks says. “But she wants to keep everybody she loves safe […] despite her history, she continues to make the scary choice, the uncomfortable choice.”

On the Paramount+ military drama, Davis is the DEVGRU Intelligence Officer that is assigned to Bravo Team.

Yes, she is not in the field on the show. But there are dangerous situations for Trucks’ character to deal with on a daily basis.

What Davis does is handle behind-the-scenes work for Bravo Team. Like what you might ask?

Well, she gets information and sends it out into the field. Should this be bad information, then that will be on Davis. Those responsibilities are heavy and a lot for the Intelligence Officer to deal with, but she handles them with grace.

In her personal life, she has her relationship with Sonny Quinn.

While this is an on-again, off-again situation, Sonny has admitted his love for Davis. Yet he just had a baby with his old girlfriend, Hannah. Fans, you will have to see how this romance works out between these two characters on the show.