‘SEAL Team’ Fans Think Ray May Be Retiring Soon

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Some fans of SEAL Team believe that Ray Perry, Jason Hayes’ closest, most trusted friend, might be nearing retirement.

Is this really happening? Well, Outsiders let’s take a look at an article from The Express.

After first airing on CBS in 2017, the military drama became a huge hit with fans across the world. SEAL Team finds Season 5 winding down. But fans are just convinced that Ray, played by Neil Brown Jr., is retiring as a member of the Bravo team.

Recently, the episode Close to Home lets fans see Bravo team members with their families.

‘SEAL Team’ Leader Has To Deal With Guilt Connected To Wife’s Death

Bravo team returns from a huge mission to West Africa. Family life, though, troubles them including Hayes, played by David Boreanaz on SEAL Team.

Hayes has been racked with guilt, knowing he wasn’t the best husband when his wife Alana Hayes, played by Michaela McManus, died.

Jason looked up information on his Traumatic Brain Injury.

As for Ray, he’s been dealing with PTSD and, after seeking professional help, he was slowly getting better.

Fans on Reddit Offer Their Thoughts Regarding Ray’s Health, Future

What do the Reddit fans say?

One writes, “It also seems like they’re preparing for a winding down, I guess Season 6 may be it. Ray may retire after his 20 and do his advocacy, Clay (played by Max Thieriot) may be portrayed as such a hell of an operator that he gets bumped up quickly.”

Ray’s mental health deteriorated after he was held captive and beaten by enemies while the team was on a mission. He had kept his feelings to himself, which only worked for a while before it began to affect his marriage.

After a conversation with Jason in the SEAL Team Season 3 finale, Ray agreed to seek professional help and sought therapy for his marriage.

Ray Perry Actor Had Some Real-Life Marine Influence From His Father

With 20 years on the front line perhaps Ray may decide to hand his badge in and walk away from the Bravo team.

But Brown Jr. had some real-life inspiration from his own father.

Brown Jr. told a CBS interviewer that he got an excellent foundation for his TV role from his Marine dad. The actor said his dad “gave me the ability to really learn from these guys (Marines).”

He also told one interviewer that he’s essentially “playing his father” on TV. Brown Jr. also said his dad was “his hero.” Does Brown Jr. get some pointers from his dad for the show? Maybe a few in a loving, joking manner.

That’s the best, free source of help any actor playing a SEAL could get.