‘SEAL Team’ Fans Weigh in on Newest Episode on Paramount Plus

by Anna Dunn

Seal TEAM just dropped a new episode on Paramount Plus. This one was intensely action-packed, and fans had a lot to say in the show’s Instagram comments.

SEAL Team posted a teaser for the show on Instagram, and now that the episode is out, fans are going to that post to discuss their favorite moments and how they feel overall.

The account posted a photo of a serious-looking Jason Hayes with the caption “Who’s ready for another plan from the Jason Hayes playbook?”

The recent episode found a ton of team moments. And fans really liked seeing how the characters, especially Davis, pulled through this episode. Jason makes a decision to tell Bravo what he’s been hiding, and it feels like a new chapter has emerged for him just as they’re getting ready to go on some of their most dangerous missions yet.

‘SEAL Team’ Fans Loved Getting More Action Scenes

“Loved this episode with Jason and Davis scenes together,” one fan wrote. “and Jason remembering Davis first day on Bravo team.”

Another fan was excited to get some action this episode, which some fans feel the show has been lacking. But they weren’t thrilled with the potential inaccuracies.

“Finally some action,” the fan wrote. “Although it wasnt Jason’s plan.. and come on.. enemy troops standing 20m away and not hitting them? Even with airsoft they would be done!”

One fan also praised Davis’s work this episode. She wound up playing a key role in this operation.

“Great episode and I loved how Davis pulled that sealed door with the truck she was driving to help get Bravo Team out of the building,” the fan gushed.

Others are just spreading the love for SEAL Team in general and are already looking forward to the next episode.

“I’m excited about [the] next episode. 13 was a great episode. Love, love, love the show,” another instagram user wrote.

Fans are also wondering when, or if, SEAL Team will get officially renewed for season 6. The show barely got renewed last year, and its move to Paramount + was a part of the deal to keep it afloat. So whether or not it’ll get a season 6 is definitely in question. We may not know the answer to that, however, until we hear more about cancellations and renewals in the spring.

If you want to catch the next episode of SEAL Team, new episodes drop every Sunday on Paramount +. While the show used to air on CBS, it now exclusively releases episodes on the streaming service.