‘SEAL Team’: Full Recap of Season 5, Episode 12

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday’s “SEAL Team” was a doozy of an episode. Ray and Clay finally got up the courage to bring their concerns to Jason, after Jason confronts them about the watch schedule. Jason is disappointed in Ray for “falling prey” to Clay’s ideas, but Clay and Ray tell Jason the truth about the building collapse; how it was Jason’s memory issues that put Bravo Team in the hospital. Jason storms off when he hears this.

Later, Ray and Clay find Jason on the roof of their base, gun in hand. He’s finally reached his breaking point, and accepted that there’s something seriously wrong. He’s distraught at the fact that his career is going to end “in the worst way possible.” Jason is prepared to go out on his “own terms.”

Ray reaches out to Jason again the next day, taking him out for breakfast. The two don’t speak at all, but then Ray takes him to see Marc Lee, a former Ranger who lives in the area. Marc also suffered from a traumatic brain injury, but heals using psychoactive plants. He gives Jason juice from the San Pedro cactus, which puts him in a psychedelic trance.

While under the influence of the cactus, Jason sees three of his former teammates, Curtis Johnson, Jorge, and Full Metal. He apologizes for their deaths, but they don’t blame him. They prefer to be remembered for the things they did while on Bravo Team. Then, Jason is confronted by the person he holds the most guilt over; his wife, Alana Hayes.

She died after being hit by a car while running a late-night errand. Jason carries so much guilt over her death, but she tells him none of it is his fault. She tells him, “Jason Hayes, you are worthy of love.”

‘SEAL Team’: Jason Heals While Sonny Self Destructs

Elsewhere on “SEAL Team”, Sonny is going through his own issues. He steals cocaine from a bunch of dealers and holes himself up in a hotel room with some locals for a bender. Clay finds him, with Davis’ help, and reprimands him for jeopardizing their mission. Sonny dismisses Clay’s concerns, but later, the dealers come back looking for their stolen goods.

Clay and Sonny fight their way through the hotel, finally escaping and avoiding police. Things get heated between them, as Sonny says he didn’t ask to be saved. He accuses Clay of nearly abandoning his sick son by coming to help Sonny, saying that’s all on Clay. But Clay isn’t having any of that, and reminds Sonny that he nearly got himself killed for Sonny’s “pathetic ass.” Sonny is clearly going through something right now.

Additionally, when they get back to base, Davis has found out that the Venezuelans are refining the Uranium in an underground bunker. The problem? The bunker has a system of tunnels that off-shoot into local businesses.