‘SEAL Team’: Full Recap of Season 5, Episode 13

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Things got a bit hairy in the latest “SEAL Team” episode, leaving fans on the edge of their seat until the finale next week. Previously, Jason was coming to terms with his TBI and accepting that he needed help. Ray took him to a former SEAL who healed his own TBI with psychotropic plants. Jason went on a little cactus trip, which showed him his dead wife, who told him he needed to let go of his guilt.

Now, Jason has shared more with his team about his mental state. This includes owning up to the building collapse in the “SEAL Team” from a few months back. The team didn’t feel any betrayal regarding Jason’s memory issues. They just accepted that it was a consequence of the job and kept their trust in Jason.

Meanwhile, Bravo got new intel about the underground Venezuelan uranium refinery; Jason gathered Bravo and let them decide whether to scrap the mission, continue without him, or include him, memory issues and all. While the team deliberated, Jason and Davis had a nice moment where they just checked in on each other.

Bravo decides to include Jason on the mission, and brief him on the attack plan. They’re going to infiltrate the plant with a truck hailing 800 pounds of explosives. Sonny is going to attach the explosives to the support beams and level the building. Davis stands watch outside in a van.

Things go fine, until Jason and Clay have to basically kidnap a maintenance man they run into and stuff him in Davis’ van to keep him out of the way. The man tries to escape, but Davis catches him; unfortunately, the bag they put over his head was left behind at the scene, and the Venezuelan Special Police find it.

‘SEAL Team’: The Art of Leveling a Building by Sonny Quinn

Here, the VSP interrupt their careful planting of the explosives. Now, Jason has to make a serious decision; he sends Clay out to lead the firefight with Brock and Smith while he himself hangs back with Sonny and Ray to help set the charges.

Unfortunately, someone miscounted the number of support beams; they’re one charge short. What was supposed to be 8 beams is actually 9, and Sonny, Jason, and Ray decide to use the truck to level the last support beam. They crash the truck into the last beam, compromising the beam so it will collapse when the charges go off. Now they have no transportation, and must escape on foot. Meanwhile, the VSP is still coming down on them.

David finds the new exit point, but realizes the way is blocked by a huge metal door. Bravo come upon the door just then, and there’s a tense moment where it’s not clear if Bravo is going to get out of this one.

Just then, the door is ripped off its hinges by the winch on Davis’ van. Bravo barely escapes the building, but then, as they leave, numerous local police cars are headed in their direction. How are they going to get out of this one? Could this be the end?