‘SEAL Team’ Gives Look at a ‘New Operation Underway’ on Paramount+

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SCAD aTVfest 2019 )

The official “Seal Team” Instagram revisited a few clips from the episode “Frog on the Tracks,” with a video of all the adrenaline-pumping, hair-raising scenes. The new operation seems to be the Mandy mission; Bravo is currently searching for Mandy Ellis, a former CIA liaison who’s been missing for who knows how long. Bravo is hoping to find her alive, but it’s looking dicier as each episode goes by.

In the episode, Jason sends Trent and Clay off the train to follow their last HVT, Boukare. He’s the only person who might know where Mandy is, and they can’t lose him. Jason stays on with Ray and the others to clear out a suicide bomber on the train. Turns out, Trent and Clay lose Boukare anyway. So much for that lead.

Jason went against CIA liaison Carl Dryden’s wishes when he sent his men off the train and claims Jason risked limited firepower for a hunch. He takes Bravo off the Mandy mission, for the time being, sending his team, Ground Branch, out instead.

Bravo is starting to turn on each other after these events, especially with Jason taking so many risks. Add that on top of his memory problems, and you have a recipe for disaster. When Dryden claims the Mandy mission is “need to know,” Davis does some digging of her own. Jason finally manages to get Dryden to put Bravo on the Mandy mission with Ground Branch, and the two teams set out. Only, once they get to their location, a bunch of Molotov cocktails rains down on their cars and the teams are engulfed in flame.

‘Seal Team’: Bravo Head Into the Fire in New Episode

The 6th “Seal Team” episode airs on Sunday, Nov. 7, titled “Man on Fire.” The teams manage to escape their fiery SUVs and now must make their way through the terrorist hideout looking for Boukare. This will be the end of the 3-part arc centering around Mandy, so hopefully, they find her in this episode.

In a clip from the episode, Bravo dodges literal bullets as they sneak their way through the hideout looking for Mandy. According to the official synopsis, Jason’s personal issues are going to get in the way of the mission; there are going to be disagreements within the team, probably with Dryden as well.

Jason’s memory has been acting up in recent episodes, most likely a result of long years in the field. He’s making mistakes, taking dangerous risks with his team, and jeopardizing other missions for the sake of finding Mandy. Her story is a mystery, they have no idea what she’s doing there, as they thought she was no longer with the CIA. So, how far is Bravo willing to go?