‘SEAL Team’ Knows a Good Strategy Always Wins in New Clip

by Jonathan Howard

In a new clip for an upcoming episode of SEAL Team, it looks like the Bravo Team is in a tough situation with really only one way to get out.

With thermal-seeking helicopters above them, the team starts to look for options. Sonny, Ray, and Clay are trying to figure out what needs to be done. It looks and sounds like the group is pinned in whatever building they find themselves in. While they debate what should be done, Clay comes up with an idea that just might be crazy enough to work. Check out the clip below, posted to the show’s Instagram page.

“It’s all in the strategy,” the caption of the SEAL Team post says. Sonny isn’t as optimistic as the others at the moment. He meets realism with his usual humor and wit. Ray explains, “Good plan’s better than a perfect one, Clay,” right before he came up with…well, the perfect plan.

“The river! We swim out,” Clay offers. Sonny is not buying it saying, “For the love of Michael Phelps when does swimming help with anything, ever?”

“Cold water will hide our heat signatures from the helos. Alright, two klicks downstream, we’ll be clear for those other vehicles,” Clay explains. Ray likes the plan and they start to get moving as the clip ends.

One thing about SEAL Team is the action and drama will be delivered. It looks like another operation in which the Bravo Team has gotten into issues. Jason doesn’t appear to be along for the ride on this mission. If that is the case, then others will have to step up and lead the team during this next episode.

‘SEAL Team’ Jason’s Future as Leader Unsure

One of the storylines for this season has been Jason Hayes and his health. His mental and physical well-being is not doing so great. In fact, it looks like he needs to take time away. While he has been a great leader, if his TBI keeps causing problems, he won’t be for long.

So, there are a few things to think about here. The show prides itself on real-life accuracy, however, it is a TV show. Hayes would likely be discharged in the real world. Despite that, he continues to work through his injury on the show.

When we get a new episode this Sunday, Jason is going to have a new assignment. He is going undercover, so we might get to see him do some more covert work. While his team could use him in the field, with his injury, this might be the best path for Hayes on SEAL Team. Will he ever find time to recover though?