‘SEAL Team’: Have Sonny and Clay Made Amends or Will Tensions Flare?

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday’s “SEAL Team” episode was intense and a little bit scary for those of us who have been following Jason’s downward slide this season. But, Sonny and Clay were also having issues in this episode, mostly with each other.

Sonny went AWOL and stole cocaine from a couple of dealers and gang members. He holed himself up in a hotel with a bunch of locals for a total bender. Clay, with Davis’ help, found him in the hotel and reprimanded him for being so reckless with their mission. He could have completely compromised it.

After Sonny sleeps off the drugs, the gang comes to the hotel looking for their stolen merchandise. Clay and Sonny have to fight their way out of the hotel; Sonny tells Clay that he didn’t need saving, and if Clay dies and leaves his son without a father that’s on him.

Sonny complains that not everybody can have the “perfect, white picket fence” family, and Clay fires back that his son almost lost his dad because of Sonny’s “pathetic ass.” Obviously, something about Sonny’s personal life is bothering him; he’s alone now, no Hannah, no Davis. Who knows how often he’ll get to see his daughter. And Clay has a wife, and a new son; in Sonny’s eyes, he’s got it all. Clay coming to rescue Sonny struck a chord with him, in a “how dare he risk his family to save me” kind of way.

Sonny seems regretful of his actions, and he’s seen that when Clay is with Bravo, his brothers come first. I think Sonny is appreciative of what Clay did for him, but there’s no way he’s going to talk about it anymore. He’s ashamed, and something is obviously bothering him. But Sonny isn’t the type to talk about his feelings.

‘SEAL Team’: Jason’s Dead Wife Sets Him on the Path to Recovery

On Sunday’s “SEAL Team” episode, Jason’s dead wife Alana visited him during a cactus juice acid trip. She came to him to tell him to let go of his guilt and grief over her death. It was an accident, she reminds him. Not everything bad in their lives was his fault.

But that’s how Jason compartmentalizes it. Alana reminds him of the good times they had together, that they outweighed the bad. She realizes that she has to save him again, like she did when they first met.

She tells him, “Jason Hayes, you are worthy of love.” Which is what Jason has been struggling with this entire season. He doesn’t believe he’s worthy of love, or help, or recovery. He wants to stay in his little blame bubble and blame himself for everything bad that’s happened. But, he needs to move on. Hopefully, this vision of his wife can put him on the path to recovery.