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‘SEAL Team’: Here’s How Mandy Makes Her Return in Finale

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Veuve Clicquot)

Mandy is returning to “SEAL Team” for the season 5 finale, and it seems like Jason will be confronting their last meeting. Previously, they abruptly broke up, with Jason refusing to admit he needed help and leaving for the Omega mission on bad terms.

But, Jason is back in the states, safe and sound, for the most part. I can’t say for the rest of the team, but at least Jason made it out okay. And, he’s going back to Mandy to ask for forgiveness. In a sneak peek of the scene between the two, he all but admits that he wants a life with her. This rightfully shocks Mandy. With how they left things, she was most likely under the impression that things were done for good. For a moment it seems like she is done with Jason for good.

But, the mission changed Jason for the better, and Mandy is beginning to see that. He came to her and admitted that it’s his responsibility to pick up the pieces. Jason can ask for help, and the people who love him will support him, but all the bridges he burned while he was suffering, it’s his job to build them up again. He left Mandy on bad terms, and now it’s time for him to atone.

Mandy can definitely help Jason heal, but being in a relationship can go one of two ways for him; either it helps, or it hurts. Having to be a romantic partner while healing from trauma could cause more stress for Jason. He’s in a delicate place, and it’s only going to get harder before it gets easier. Mandy has the potential to really help him on his journey, but also it could be too much. She needs to prepare as much as he does.

Could ‘SEAL Team’ End on a Massive Cliff Hanger?

It’s possible that “SEAL Team” is gearing up to leave us hanging by our fingertips; could there be a massive cliffhanger on the way?

With hopes for season 6, I’d say, no, they’re probably not going to tie everything up in a neat little bow. I foresee something coming back to haunt Bravo, and leaving us on the edges of our seats. If I were a “SEAL Team” writer, I’d make it seem like everything is finally okay, and then hit audiences where it hurts. But, that’s just me.

We also don’t know yet if there’s even going to be a season 6. This waiting game harkens back to last year, when we all waited around to hear if CBS would renew “CSI: Vegas.” The network waited until the last minute to renew the show, so could we see a repeat of that timeline? Since “SEAL Team” is on Paramount+ now, it feels like they can just do whatever, whenever. I predict they’ll take their sweet time to announce a renewal. But, our fingers are crossed that they do. It feels like Bravo’s stories aren’t yet finished.