‘SEAL Team’: Here’s What Fans Are Saying About the 2-Part Season 5 Premiere

by Megan Molseed

SEAL Team’s two-part season-five premiere wrapped up Sunday evening. Each episode of the two-part premiere, the first of which aired on October 10, while the second premiered just last night on October 17, had enough drama to go around.

And, of course, fans were loving it.

“Thank you all for watching with us tonight!” notes the SEAL Team Writers Twitter page following the second part of the season-five premiere.

“We’ll be back next week at 10:30 ET/10:00 PT with #NineTen,” continues the October 17 post. “an episode that’s near and dear to each of our hearts. #SEALTeam

The season five premiere found the SEAL Team as they were working to extract a scientist out of Nort Korea undetected. However, the task was anything but smooth for the team of soldiers as anything that could go wrong seemed to definitely go wrong.

“Wonderful episode & lot action, everything,” wrote one Twitter user in response to the post. “Thank you for the best series.”

“Great show tonight!” notes another Twitter fan.

‘SEAL Team’s’ Instense Two-Part Premiere Takes The Team To North Korea

In the drama-heavy season-five premiere two-part event, fans met the Bravo SEAL Team as they try to enact their well-laid plans for helping the Korean scientist Jin defect from North Korea.

However, each of the plans is thwarted for a variety of reasons. Leaving the Bravo team in a situation where they must improvise.

While, initially, the team planned to grab the scientist during one of his regular after-work walks, they soon realized that extra guards were preventing that plan from coming to fruition.

Instead, the team decided to grab the scientist in his bunker as he returns to work. They are almost captured during this maneuver. However, SEAL Team’s Sonny had rigged a Jeep located in the vicinity with explosives. Setting it off right on time, thus distracting the guards. This distraction allows the members of Bravo’s SEAL Team to slip away, the scientist in tow.

While the team was able to remove Jin from the barracks, the rest of the Bravo team’s mission would not be easy, as Jin’s condition was not good, slowing down the rescue.

During the escape, the team encounters a minefield. Using a state-of-the-art detector rod SEAL Team’s Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) spots mines along the edge of the cliff.

Creating a safe path for the Bravo soldiers, and their just-rescued subject, as they return to the sub that is waiting to bring them to safety. However, Hayes leaves the device behind. Ultimately putting the team at greater risk of discovery.

He and fellow team member Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot) return for the device, extracting it from the scene.

This plot point, of course, brings up a recurring theme of the regular forgetfulness and headaches that are regularly causing concern with the team. The SEAL Team soldier is clearly still battling some intense PTSD and it is becoming even more concerning as it has started to endanger his fellow soldiers during their missions.