‘SEAL Team’: Here’s What Happened to Mandy During that Rescue Mission

by Matthew Memrick

The “SEAL Team” rescued Mandy Ellis in Sunday’s “Man On Fire” episode, and we’re still in shock over that gold mine scene.

Earlier, Jason Hayes and the crew deal with their fiery vehicles after many Molotov cocktails hit them in their rescue attempt. Hayes orders everyone to drive ahead for a breach of the target location, according to TVLine. Maybe the show’s title hints at Hayes, whose car is literally on fire and is desperate to find Mandy before it’s too late.

Jessica Paré, who directed this season’s “Nine Ten” episode, plays Mandy Ellis in a guest role for Season 5. She was a main character in the first four seasons. Terrorist group SGS holds Ellis captive, and the Bravo team is determined to save her.

But what gets wild is the scene when the Bravo team gets to the gold mine. Hayes is on a mission, and his peers are trying to keep up. And if you’re not hip to plot spoilers, here’s your warning.

And just as a reminder, the shows are now on Sundays on the Paramount+ network.

‘SEAL Team’ Finds Mandy One Way Or The Other

The Bravo team stumbles into a field of burned bodies, including bad guy Sankara’s gold tooth. They see one that is similar to Mandy, and Hayes sighs.

You know the two have had a thing for years, so it’s just natural for David Boreanaz’s character to feel a little heartbreak in the revelation. 

As the team proceeds to blow up the facility, Jason and Ray investigate an area for Mandy that they did not see earlier. That decision leads to more tangos and enemy fire.

Jason searches one room and finds trouble. A tango jumps him, and both men struggle. 

Jason loses his gun, and the tango grabs the master chief’s knife, stabbing him in the side. But before he finishes Hayes, someone reaches out and stabs the tango in his throat. Hayes gets his gun and shoots the man twice to be sure the danger is over.

But who saved Hayes? Why it was Mandy, of course!  

‘SEAL Team’ Back To Camp

Ellis tells the Bravo team about her undercover work.

She had met Sankara ten years earlier, posing as a French national, and befriended the villain’s younger sister while turning her into an asset.

When Mandy learned of the sister’s imminent death by her brother for not marrying a foot soldier, she had to get involved.

But because the CIA wouldn’t back her cover operation, they disavowed her. 

But she was captured, and the only way to save her life was to tell Boukare about Sankara’s trade routes. 

Wow! Talk about an extended mission for Mandy!