‘Seal Team’ Hits ‘Hard and Fast’ in New Trailer for Upcoming Episode

by Anna Dunn

In a new preview post, the upcoming episode of SEAL Team hits “hard and fast.” David Boreanaz posted the preview for the new episode on Instagram, where the Jason Hayes actor also mentions its their last show on network before it moves to Paramount +.

“We have something clear and present.next week we start a new chapter. Our last network show which launches us into our new home @paramountplus,” Boreanaz wrote. Boreanaz’s character, Jason Hayes, has recently struggled with his health. Hopefully, he’ll be able to carry out his duties in the upcoming episode without too much trouble.

In the episode, Hayes plans to take down their enemies, “hard and fast. Just like we always do.” It looks like a very action packed final hour on CBS.

The show entered this season after a tough fight with CBS for survival this year. David Boreanaz frequently posted on social media, advocating for the renewal of the show. While SEAL Team was renewed, there was a bit of a twist.

‘SEAL Team’ Makes a Permanent Move to Paramount +

SEAL Team is about to make the permanent move to Paramount +. The show got that renewal under the conditions that it would move to paramount plus after airing a few episodes on CBS. Its an interesting move for CBS, and a lot of fans aren’t thrilled.

In the streaming war, many fans are frustrated that they’ll have to pay for yet another streaming service to watch their favorite show. But the upside is, without network restrictions, the show is free to be more gritty and less restrained. It gives them a lot more room than just more language, and it looks like a lot of people on the show are excited for the switch.

Boreanaz believes this move will actually make the show better and allow them to explore darker themes.

“Look at Amazon. Look at Netflix. [Look at] their success of their shows and what you cannot do on network television,” the SEAL Team star said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Boreanaz also talked about the frustration that comes with being on Network Television.

“It sometimes was a frustrating place to be because we really want to be honest […] with these episodes. [The move] allows us to go darker.”

Of course, one of the most notable differences is that the actors will be able to actually curse, with F-bombs permitted. Spencer Hudnut, showrunner for SEAL Team recently joked with TV Insider about it.

“You know, I did just write the first f-bomb on the show, and it felt exhilarating,” he said.

If you want to catch the last network episode of SEAL Team, tune in to CBS on Halloween at 9/8 central.