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‘SEAL Team’: How to Watch the Big Season Five Finale

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2022Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The “SEAL Team” season 5 finale dropped on Paramount+ today, Sunday Jan. 23. To watch the episode, you need a Paramount+ subscription. It’s $4.99 a month for an Essential plan, which includes ads. $9.99 a month gets you Premium. This gets rid of ads and includes live channels. There’s also a Paramount + Showtime bundle available for $11.99 so you can get your “Dexter” fix along with “SEAL Team.”

The season 5 finale aired at 3:00 am today. If you haven’t seen it yet, just know there are spoilers below.

The question on everybody’s minds now that “SEAL Team” has ended is, will there be another season? There’s currently no news as to whether or not the show will pick up again. TV Line reports that the show is not currently renewed. Additionally, David Boreanaz has said that there’s “nothing official” to say about it yet. So, “SEAL Team” fans, keep your fingers and toes crossed for season 6.

‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz Addresses Questions About the Finale

Additionally, Boreanaz spoke with TV Insider recently about the finale and the questions it poses now. We saw moments where Jason seemed ready to tackle his TBI, and really start the recovery and healing process. He went back to Mandy to atone for his behavior when they were previously together. He even admitted that he wanted a life with her. Jason knows now that he has to put in the work, and no one will do it for him.

So, when asked whether Jason is in a better place now to handle his TBI, Boreanaz replied, “For him, it’s pockets of how it affects him and, when he’s going along or he is on a mission, how it hits him, how he gets triggered, how it gets triggered really. ‘Cause it’s there and it gets triggered a little bit more and then a little bit more, and then you see him kind of slipping and falling and really this season taking it to a degree of offing himself, which is pretty intense to see.”

Recalling the scene from the previous episodes, Jason threatened to go out on his own terms. Things were pretty bad for him there. That moment was like a wake-up call for him. He realized he needed to rely on the people who care about him.

Boreanaz continued, speaking on Jason’s triggers. “It’s just how it’s triggered regardless if it was in the pilot or if it was really not touched upon or it was his sacrifice and how much he missed out on,” he said. “There’s just so much to it that I think it just gets triggered in different seasons as it did. We saw that and then we examined a little bit more this year.”