‘Seal Team’: Is Sonny Starting to Lose It?

by Lauren Boisvert

The big question everyone is asking about Seal Team recently: is Sonny losing it? He’s been trying to adjust to his new life as a father, not going on as many missions, and sorting through his feelings for Lisa Davis.

Jason Hayes has been trying to get Sonny’s emotions under control, but Sonny has a history of being reckless and a little foolhardy. He takes risks, and argues with his team members. A lot of the time, they don’t take his tactical suggestions seriously, which causes fights. He’s gone through a lot in his life in general, and it transfers over into his work and personal lives.

But now, Sonny’s emotions are coming to a head. He could boil over like a pot if one more thing sets him off. The new mission isn’t going to help that at all; the team is going to Africa, where the mission isn’t totally clear. Sonny could lose himself over there with no efficient way to get back home.

Seal Team is moving from CBS to Paramount+ after this episode. Be sure to keep up with the rest of the season on the streaming service.

‘Seal Team’ Makes the Move to Paramount+

David Boreanaz, who plays Jason Hayes on Seal Team, believes that the shift to streaming will allow the show to explore darker and more serious themes.

“Look at Amazon. Look at Netflix. [Look at] their success of their shows and what you cannot do on network television,” he told Entertainment Weekly. It’s true, with streaming, shows can bypass the heavy network censors, and also surpass time limits. Look at Yellowstone, for example; their season premieres are two hours long.

Boreanaz also talked about the frustrations of working with a network and what they will and won’t allow. “It sometimes was a frustrating place to be because we really want to be honest […] with these episodes. [The move] allows us to go darker,” he said.

It will be interesting to see just how dark the show will go, and how the transition will affect fans. This means another streaming service for fans of Seal Team, and with all the ones we seem to be required to get to watch our favorite shows, this might be the breaking point. But, at only $5 a month, Paramount+ is one of the more affordable services out there.

Hopefully, Seal Team gets to tell its stories in the way it wants to; the show is already dark and violent, it’s hard to imagine how much deeper they can go. But, the shift to Paramount+ hopefully means a bigger budget as well, so the show can really get into all the arcs it wants to tell without worrying.