‘SEAL Team’: Is There a New Episode Airing Today?

by Lauren Boisvert

Last Sunday was the “SEAL Team” season 5 finale, so that means no new episode today. We were left on an intense cliffhanger that hopefully will follow over into season 6. But, there hasn’t been any news about season 6 yet; is “SEAL Team” going to be renewed? Who can say?

According to star David Boreanaz, the show did great things for Paramount+ as far as viewers and subscribers go. But, Paramount+ doesn’t release their ratings, so we have no idea how the show actually did on the platform. We just have Boreanaz’s word that “SEAL Team” was a success.

We’re definitely hoping for a season 6. I get the feeling that Bravo’s narratives aren’t played out yet, and the characters have a lot of stories to tell. Is this really Clay’s last run with Bravo, for example. Will he live through this mission in order to raise his son? Is Jason finally going to get the help he needs for his TBI? And is Mandy prepared to be in a relationship with someone with a traumatic brain injury?

These are only a few of the avenues that need to be explored. We also have Sonny’s situation to deal with; he’s still in love with Davis, but she’s on the cusp of moving on. He has a child now, but he and his old girlfriend Hannah decided they couldn’t be together, not even for their daughter’s sake. So, now he feels like he’s losing everyone he loves. How is he going to get through it?

Additionally, there were definitely some injuries, of not deaths, in the finale. They can’t leave us hanging like that, with lives on the line.

‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz Stays Tight-Lipped About Who Lives and Who Dies

Ask “SEAL Team” star David Boreanaz who lives and who dies after the finale all you want, he won’t tell you a thing. In conversation with TV Line about the final episode, Boreanaz was asked if he could comment on the state of Bravo.

“This is really going to change the fabric of them,” he replied. “But strength in numbers, always. It’s a team. One man out, another man in. That’s real life, and that’s what our show is about.”

While he didn’t outright reveal Bravo Team’s fate, he did state that things are up in the air, but the uncertainty can be a blessing. “I don’t know,” he said when asked who lives and who dies. “You just don’t know, man. It gives you a lot of palettes when you think about it. It gives Spencer [Hudnut] and all of us the opportunity to sit down and go, ‘How’s this going to unfold? Where do we see it going?’”

Boreanaz remains optimistic about “SEAL Team” season 6, and that’s enough to give us hope.