‘SEAL Team’: Jason Faces His Darkest Moment Yet

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Last Sunday on “SEAL Team”, Jason Hayes went to his darkest place yet. After Clay and Ray confronted him about his traumatic brain injury, revealing the tragic fact that Jason brought the building down on them, Jason went up to the roof of their safe house with his gun.

Clay and Ray followed him, finding him in that compromising position. They pleaded with him to come down, saying that they were just trying to work with him, that they were doing everything to try and help him. But Jason was convinced that someone was going to go to command. He would have his “bird” taken away, which is another name for the SEAL Trident insignia that all Navy SEALs receive after completing training.

“Taking my bird is the worst way it could end,” he said. “The doctor in Germany told me I was at risk for TBI. He wanted to run more tests […] I knew that combat was catching up to me. I felt it. I had memory loss, forgot things, got spotty.” His voice cracked when he said, “putting all of Bravo in the hospital, when I am supposed to be leading my brothers, right, I am supposed to be leading my brothers, protecting my brothers.”

“Brotherhood, loyalty. It means the rest of us step up to help you,” Clay replied.

Jason then revealed that what scared him most is “becoming as broken as Swanny.” Brett Swann also dealt with a TBI on “SEAL Team”; he was the Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator and eventually took his own life after a long struggle with trying to get treatment. Jason ultimately doesn’t want to end up like him.

‘SEAL Team’: Jason Reveals His Darkest Thoughts and Fears

Clay reminds Jason that science is evolving, that there are so many treatments for traumatic brain injuries. But Jason doesn’t want to be a “lab rat”, doesn’t want to try experimental treatments. Clay and Ray try to convince him that they have his back, “the way you’ve always had ours,” says Ray.

“When we’re home I’ll help you find a way forward,” says Clay. This is a huge step, because Jason has been at Clay’s throat for two whole episodes now. For Clay to go through all that and still want to help Jason is a sure sign of their brotherhood.

But, Jason thinks it’s all just pity at this point. He gives Ray the gun, though, saying, “I’m going out on my shield, my terms.”

That seems to be Jason’s final decision, but, as we know, he actually has a breakthrough later. Ray takes him to see a former Ranger who uses psychotropic plants to help his TBI. Through a vision of his former SEALs and his dead wife, Jason decided that he wanted to live.