‘Seal Team’: Jason Hayes Breaks Down in New Clip

by Lauren Boisvert

“SEAL Team” is back with a new episode today on Paramount+. Our star SEAL Jason Hayes is really going through it right now. He’s stuck at home while Ray leads Bravo Team in the field, and Jason is not having a good time of it. In a recent clip from the episode, he actually breaks down in front of Mandy.

“You don’t understand what this job does to you,” he says, looking visibly distressed and pacing around the room. “The toll it takes on your body and your brain.”

The clip continues, with Clay saying, “His head’s so cracked he nearly blew up his whole team.”

This is a reference to the previous episode, where Jason led them into a building that was then blown up. The blast landed the whole team in the hospital. But, when Clay went to get everyone’s stories, Jason’s were conflicting, because he can’t remember what happened.

Because of his traumatic brain injury, he’s having memory loss and blackouts. The doctor at the hospital told him he needed to be treated right away, that he wanted to do more tests. But Jason stormed out of the hospital, seemingly overwhelmed. He thinks he needs to be a tough guy and pretend he’s not actually putting his whole team at risk.

Mandy asks Jason, “What’s wrong?” and Jason replies, “I just have a lot on my plate.” Understatement of the year, Jason.

‘SEAL Team’: Jason Hayes Has to Answer for His Actions

In the clip of the new “SEAL Team,” Jason is called in to see his commanding officer. Wes Soto says, “Something concerning has come to light.” Jason is then seen holding a laptop computer. Could the doctor have told Soto about Jason’s brain injury? Or is there video evidence that Jason slipped up in the field?

Jason doesn’t know what happened, and he’s breaking down. Soon, he won’t be able to go into the field at all. He’ll be medically discharged, or forced into retirement. He has so much potential still, but his heart is with Bravo Team. We’ve seen that, as he’s broken off a few relationships to stay with Bravo.

Right now, it all comes down to how long Jason can last in this condition. Whatever is on that laptop could be the push Jason needs to get help. Or it could be something completely unrelated. It smells like an end-of-episode twist, so of course “SEAL Team” won’t give too much away. But, still, we can’t help but wonder what’s really going on there. Only the episode can tell us for sure what will happen to Jason. Hopefully, he survives this trial.