‘SEAL Team’: Jason Tries to Figure Out Who He Can Trust

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Jason Hayes has been going through a tough time on “SEAL Team”. The show’s official Twitter just posted a clip from Sunday’s episode of Ray and Clay finally telling Jason that he’s a liability, and that he’s the one who brought the building down on them.

“We’re just watching your back,” says Clay. But Jason isn’t having it. “Yeah, while sharpening your knives,” he replies, talking to Ray. “After everything we’ve been through, you trust that little s–t more than me?”

“Man it’s killing me to say this,” says Ray, “You’re compromised, man, and you’re putting the team at risk.”

Jason thinks it’s because of a probe in North Korea that he almost screwed up, that Clay is complaining about that. But Ray sets him right. “Because you brought that building down on us in Mali.”

Jason doesn’t believe him. “Enemy did that, you know that,” he argues. Ray looks visibly distraught having to tell his friend this. Clay speaks up, then.

“You and I found an EOD hazard when we were clear,” he says. “You told me to mark it, and then you forgot, all right? You had the GIGN just set a charge right on it.”

Ray tries to placate Jason, who looks upset. “Just want what’s best for you and the team, brother.” Jason breaks, and says, “I’m what’s best for this team. I’m what’s best for this team.”

The next day is when Ray takes Jason for a silent breakfast, and then to Marc Lee for cactus juice. After that, Jason realizes that he messed up, that he’s a liability to the team. He realizes that he needs help.

‘SEAL Team’: Will Jason Sit Out This Mission?

Bravo Team is rolling out on the next “SEAL Team”, thanks to information found by Lisa Davis. They’re finally getting the mission underway, but could Jason be sitting this one out?

In a promo for the next episode, Jason comes to the team while they’re discussing the op. “The biggest liability could be me,” he says. “I’m not going to be the reason one of you doesn’t make it home.”

So, it’s possible he’s not going to go on this mission. But, there are also promo photos of him in his gear, joining the team. Could he have sat out, then changed his mind and joined Bravo? It’s possible, but risky for Jason to do something like that.

The synopsis makes mention of some in-fighting within the team; my money is on either Jason or Sonny. We know Jason’s been struggling. But, recently, so has Sonny. He stole cocaine and went on a bender until Clay found him, and the two got into a fight. Is there something back home that’s bothering Sonny? Could it be that his relationship fell apart and he’s bringing that grief to the mission?