Why ‘SEAL Team’ Star Justin Melnick Calls ‘Platform’ on Show a ‘Blessing from God’

by Shelby Scott

“SEAL Team” does an impressive job of exploring the harsh realities of our military’s most elite team of service members. Over time, the show’s stars have revealed the authenticity with which they work to communicate with intense training and research. However, “SEAL Team” star Justin Melnick revealed the show has given him more than a job. He shared that, as an active philanthropist, “SEAL Team” has really helped him get his charitable organizations off the ground. Overall, he’s called “SEAL Team” a “blessing from God.”

In speaking with Variety, the “SEAL Team” star shared that, over the course of two years, he’s been working on a charity called End of Watch. Essentially, the program’s goal would be to “drop off an immediate check for families of fallen law enforcement who died in the line of duty.”

However, the “SEAL Team” star said that, while his intentions are obviously good, “It’s a lot harder to set up a charity than one might thin[k].” That said, “SEAL Team” seems to have been a major contributor in the long-run surrounding End of Watch’s success.

“[U]sing this platform from the show to promote that charity down the line is 100% a blessing from God,” Melnick stated. Melnick further said that his work toward both the charity and the television show itself is far from thankless. His love for his costars, nature, and creating the show overall serves as a powerful drive in his philanthropic work.

“We’re here for a very limited time,” Melnick said. “[A]nd if we can do good in the world and leave it better than we found it, I’m a big believer in that.”

‘SEAL Team’s’ Justin Melnick Has Long History with Law Enforcement

There are more than a few reasons to admire our “SEAL Team” cast. Although, Brock actor Justin Melnick demonstrates a personal tie to both our nation’s military and United States law enforcement.

On top of his charity work, the “SEAL Team” star previously worked as a combat photographer. He spent six years traveling around the world. Much of that work culminated in Afghanistan. Specifically, the actor spent a total three months embedded with troops in Afghanistan. There, he witnessed up close the experiences of our American service members.

He shared, “What I saw over there motivated me to want to be [a part] of the solution.” However, upon returning home, things didn’t pan out the way he hoped.

Instead, he found himself in Indiana. It was there he spent seven years helping one of the state’s police forces revamp their active shooter response training.

He later began utilizing a combination of training from metropolitan police departments and military units to train to combat active shooter situations nationally.

Overall, Melnick’s work for and with law enforcement makes him a dynamic role model on and off of “SEAL Team.”