‘SEAL Team’: Life Is ‘About To Change’ in Intense Preview of New Episode

by Lauren Boisvert

“SEAL Team” is going undercover in a new episode, and I smell an arc. According to a promo for Sunday’s new episode, Bravo Team is going on a special ops mission that requires them to go completely undercover. With so many new developments in their lives, this is bound to throw a wrench in things.

“You will be assigned new identities, you will operate outside the DOD,” says Blackburn in the promo. “No oversight. No communication, no exceptions. Ranging from one to six months.” At that last part, Jason gives Blackburn a bewildered look, like he can’t believe what he just heard.

The “SEAL Team” promo also includes clips of Clay and Sonny with their new babies. Hannah recently had Sonny’s baby, and he’s been learning how to be a father slowly but surely. He decided that he wanted to be there for Hannah and the baby, that he wanted to make it work despite his dangerous job and his feelings for Lisa Davis.

As for Clay and Stella, it looks like Stella had their baby prematurely. There’s a scene in the promo where Clay is seen standing over a NICU crib, with a tiny baby inside. Could that be his and Stella’s child? A premature baby, and now he has to leave for up to six months. This is bound to put a strain on their relationship, but if anyone’s strong enough to get through it, it’s Clay and Stella.

“Trouble finds you in this job,” Jason says at the beginning of the promo, “you don’t have to go looking for it.” He’s certainly right about that. Everything is going to change for Bravo Team now.

‘SEAL Team’: How is Jason Doing After Last Episode?

In the previous “SEAL Team” episode, “Close to Home,” Jason Hayes was left stateside while Ray led Bravo in his absence. This is all part of the past few episodes, where Jason’s memory problems put the entire team in the hospital. We speculated previously about what Jason’s meeting with Soto in “Close to Home” could be about; did the doctor at the hospital share information about Jason’s traumatic brain injury? Will he be forced into retirement because of it?

Turns out, his meeting with Soto was because Jason’s photo and personal information was found on an extremist website, and there was concern his family would be targeted. Jason tried to round up his family members, but his father was reluctant. The two have a strained relationship, and this didn’t make it any better.

Jason tried to let his emotions out to Mandy in this “SEAL Team” episode, but he just couldn’t. He’s used to keeping everything to himself, and working through things alone, that he can’t open up. I’ve said it before, but Jason thinks he has to be the tough guy; but, asking for help is really the toughest thing a person can do. Hopefully he realizes that soon, before something else catastrophic happens to the team.