‘SEAL Team’: Life Is ‘Going to Change’ in Explosive New Preview

by Allison Hambrick

SEAL Team teases a new operation with major sacrifices in a teaser shared to the series’ Instagram.

“Life as you know it is going to change,” the team’s handler explained in the clip. “You will be given complete autonomy to execute the missions involved in the operations. You will be assigned new identities, communications with folks back home will be limited. In every sense, you will be on your own. Should you choose to accept, you will no longer be Bravo Team.”

“There is no choice in duty. I’m in,” said protagonist Jason Hayes. Following his acceptance, there was a chorus of agreements from the other team members.

“The journey is never easy but it’s always worth it,” the video was captioned. Those words capture the tone of SEAL Team in a nutshell. An extraordinary group of operatives take on dangerous missions to protect their country. The series is very much a love letter to these individuals.

How ‘SEAL Team’ Honors Veterans

According to series lead David Boreanaz, the goal is to “shine light on these guys who suffer in what they do for a living and how they protect us.”

“We’ve gotten very positive feedback from veterans, Tier-One operators, and armed forces people thanking us,” the actor explained. Additionally, Boreanaz includes his own special tribute to a real SEAL operative who participated in 13 deployments.

“I wear his helmet,” said Boreanaz. “I could wear a lighter [prop] helmet, but I decided to wear his actual helmet to honor him and I will do that throughout the whole series of its run.”

In addition to Boreanaz, costar AJ Buckley holds respect for the inspiration behind the series. The actor called these operatives “the best of the best.” He also felt the positive impact their stories had on his life.

“It’s not about the physical strength, it’s about your mental toughness – how strong the mind is and the ability to overcome any obstacle,” Buckley said. “You kind of start applying that into your daily life. The work ethic, the ability to push through, to get up and go on, in a sense the metaphor ‘no man left behind’. The loyalty that these guys have for each other makes you start implementing that into your daily life.

These Stars Value Hard Work

Unsurprisingly, the cast of SEAL Team reflects the mentality of the show. Hard work is its own reward.

“I just work hard,” said Boreanaz. “I love after a long run, or something, how the body feels exhausted and mentally [spent]; it feels like a sense of accomplishment.”

“I remember when I was a kid, I would cut the grass and it took all day, and then I’d look back and see how perfect the lines were in the grass,” Boreanaz continued. “And I’d say, ‘You know what? That was hard work. I’m a hard-work guy.’ That, to me, is an accomplishment in itself.”

Boreanaz isn’t alone in this—Buckley also put in years of work to be ready for SEAL Team.

“Over the course of three years, I went from out of shape to the best shape of my life and 10% body fat – from then on my perspective and my work ethic changed,” Buckley said. “The doors to the roles that I had always wanted to play started opening and people would go ‘oh you’ve changed.’”

Not long after getting into shape, Buckley received a call. A writer he had worked with on Justified brought him in to read for SEAL Team. The last time they had seen each other, Buckley was not in action hero shape. After seeing the changes he’d made, the producers decided to cast him in “the role of a lifetime.”

“You have to put the work in,” Buckley continued. “There’s no easy way, you have to commit and go after it and most importantly believe. There’s going to be hard days but the hard days make you stronger.”