‘SEAL Team’ Star Max Thieriot Described the Show’s Intense Training

by Amy Myers

In order to accurately portray the members of SEAL Team, the stars of the show have to do much more than just learn their lines. In fact, becoming familiar with their characters is probably the easiest part of their job. Since authenticity is such an important aspect of the show, the Bravo Team has to undergo intense training with real-life military professionals to understand the many demands of the actual job of Navy SEALs. The show has even incorporated former military personnel into just about every department on set.

“[For] the pilot, we sort of jumped right into it. We didn’t have a whole lot of time. We had amazing technical advisors on set and we still … have a couple Delta guys, guys from various field teams, we have Marine Force Recon, we have guys from all different branches of the military that are on the show as producers, writers, actors, stuntmen, crew and, so, we have a lot of time rehearsing now,” the SEAL Team star shared.

Over time, Thieriot has become more comfortable with his part and the expectations that come with playing Bravo Team member Clay Spenser.

“It’s repeated motion, right? It’s like riding a bike. The more and more you do it, the more comfortable you get and the more normal it looks,” he explained.

How ‘SEAL Team’ Star’s Background Helps with Show’s Training

Of course, a large part of their training involves gun handling, and thankfully, for Thieriot, this was not a foreign concept. A North Carolina native, the SEAL Team star grew up around firearms.

“I’m a country boy so I came from a small town, Northern California, where everybody owned guns. We grew up, you know, hunting and fishing. It’s obviously not the same gun movement, but I spend a lot of times around guns and have been around them since I was eight or nine years old. For me, it was kind of more learning some of the technical stuff.”

As the SEAL Team star explained, tactical gun handling is obviously much different than recreational handling. However, the fundamentals remain the same, and Theriot’s familiarity with firearms only made the learning process that much easier.

Lucky for Thieriot, this also means that he gets to try out the latest in tactical equipment. Recently, the SEAL Team star even demonstrated his ECHO3 thermal reflex sight, courtesy of Sig Sauer in a shot from the show.

“Absolutely fell in love with this @sigsauerinc echo3,” Thieriot said of his on-screen equipment. “Getting to portray some of America’s heroes, spreading awareness for our Veteran’s and getting to use epic gear like this are all perks of the job.”