‘SEAL Team’ Star Max Thieriot is Eating Good in Hilarious New Update

by Matthew Memrick

When personal chef friends come to town, “SEAL Team” star Max Thieriot jokingly said they’re always in charge of the cooking in a funny post.

The 32-year-old Thieriot took to Instagram to tell his fans that he forced his friend to make him a mean bluefin tuna salad with a new Bachan sauce. .

I just finished a meal, and looking at that feast, I’m hungry again.

The “SEAL Team” star called the company’s new Yuzu Japanese Barbecue Sauce “insane.” He even added that he said he took “spoon fulls” of the stuff, likening it to “crack sauce.”

Thieriot then affixed a few hashtags like #foonporn and #oceantotable to the post, and there you go! I’m hungry all over again. 

Bachan had an Instagram post today in some wild coincidence, revealing the special sauce in a video.

With it, the company said the new stuff took two years of testing and perfecting. They described the Yuzu fruit as incredibly bright, fragrant, and tart. It’s so unique that the fruit comes from Japan. 

‘SEAL Team’ Star A Foodie At Heart

There’s no secret when it comes to Max Theiriot’s workouts. The star’s personal goal is a weight between 185 and 195 pounds. Oh, and that 10 percent body fat mark, too.

Eating healthy and staying away from junk food is how the star “listens to his body.”

Thieriot gets his metabolism going with a cup of whey before a good breakfast. Then, it’s four eggs, two pieces of Ezekiel toast, and a two-cup mix of oats and blueberries. Sometimes, he goes with a yam pancake recipe.

Then come the workouts, a banana, and more whey. 

He makes his own lunch. That is if he doesn’t have more personal chef friends hanging around.

The menu consists of white rice, chicken thighs, teriyaki sauce, and avocado. Easy peasy! For snacks, the actor likes protein shakes and apples.

Finally, dinner is a chance to fall off the wagon of sorts. Lunch can mimic dinner, or maybe there’s a steak or sushi involved.

Thieriot won’t eat processed sugar or dairy foods. He’ll go for carbs with oats, yams, and white rice. 

His favorite proteins include eggs, chicken, steak, wild game, or salmon. 

‘SEAL Team’ Star Dedicated To Body Transformation

Would you believe a 2010 Men’s Health cover of actor Ryan Phillippe inspired Thieriot’s physique? 

 “Honestly, that’s how it all started for me. Ten years ago, that magazine came out, and I said if this guy can do this, so can I,” Thieriot told Men’s Health

It’s easy to see how he shaped up on the screen. He had roles in “Bates Motel,” “Texas Rising,” and then “SEAL Team” over that time.

And once he earned his “SEAL Team” role, he had to train even more to look the part. He committed to putting in more work and more time to his workouts.