‘SEAL Team’: Max Thieriot Revealed the ‘Most Important Thing’ the Show Does

by Amy Myers

When SEAL Team star Max Thieriot agreed to become Clay Spenser on the show, he knew that he would need to portray the Bravo Team member with authenticity, so as to honor the real-life heroes that the show follows.

While the show is in no way a documentary of the real SEAL Team lifestyle, the stars do strive to accurately portray the responsibilities of the job to the best of their abilities. This means plenty of training and a shared understanding of the impact of the show on the veteran and military communities.

“I think the thing is, to be honest, that’s the most important thing to us. Whether the technical aspect [of] the military tactics or the stuff that now goes on in this community or if it’s the personal life stories or, like you said, the sacrifices that these men and women make … to make sure we are as authentic as we can possibly be is, by far, the most important thing,” the SEAL Team star told DailyCaller.

Of course, representing the reality of the job isn’t all glory. Sometimes, the consequences of the job can end in heartbreak and a fallen brother or sister in arms.

“And sometimes, like Adam’s death, those things aren’t necessarily what we want to see, but they’re realities,” Thieriot continued. “They’re realities of the job and what these people go through. And so, obviously, it’s the most important thing for us, to show it in the best possible way, but also the most real way.”

‘SEAL Team’ Star Also Remembers to Have Some Fun on Set

While Thieriot and his fellow SEAL Team co-stars will always prioritize authenticity, they also know how to have a bit of fun with each other in between takes. After all, with the heavy emotional content that they cover, it’s nice to have some comic relief every now and then.

“We keep it as light as we possibly can,” Thieriot shared. “And [we] joke around.”

So, when the SEAL Team stars aren’t “out there running in the hills and shooting late nights and stacking up on doors to breach,” they’re planning their next joke. In fact, Thieriot even considers himself the biggest prankster on set.

“Yeah, I’m the biggest prankster on set,” the actor gloated. “As you can see on my Instagram.”

And he’s not lying. In between Thieriot’s wholesome family photos, there are quite a few hilarious shots of his antics.

According to the SEAL Team star, the subject of most of his pranks is AJ Buckley, a real-life veteran and the actor behind Sonny Quinn.

“I’m always around him,” he added. “So he makes it easy and fun to pick on [him].”