‘SEAL Team’: Max Thieriot Opens Up on the Two Battles Spenser is Facing This Season

by Shelby Scott

This season has seen our “SEAL Team” stars facing a host of personal problems. Now, as Max Theiriot reveals in his latest interview, things are no different on his part.

In speaking with ParamountPlus, Theiriot revealed his character, Clay Spenser is facing two battles in particular this season.

Of his character’s ongoing battles, the “SEAL Team” star stated, “Clay, this season, is dealing with how he can balance being a great war fighter but then coming home, and potentially taking care of his sick father.”

Brief footage shows Clay asking his father, “Chemo?”

“I can handle it,” his father responds.

However, it’s not the only battle at home which Clay faces. Theiriot shared he’s also navigating news regarding his wife’s pregnancy. The “SEAL Team” actor stated that perhaps his character will come to the realization “that maybe nobody can do everything at once.”

Overall, the combined subplots present a lot of opportunity for growth and destruction alike.

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‘SEAL Team’s’ Clay Spenser Faces Further Internal Conflict

Okay, it’s obvious that this season of “SEAL Team” has presented Clay with a host of challenging and unique struggles. However, while his drive as a SEAL and his desire to serve well at home continue to compete, he also faces professional conflict regarding Bravo Team’s leader, Jason Hayes.

As “SEAL Team” fans know, Hayes has continued to struggle with a traumatic brain injury. The physical damage has plagued the character throughout the length of the season. The clip above shows a small moment highlighting the character’s physical trauma and the dilemma which Clay is faced with.

Identifying Hayes’ injury as a “mental glitch,” it appears Clay remains conflicted. His ongoing silence proves he is undecided as to what to do regarding the team leader’s condition.

While the best option for both Hayes and the team would be to report the leader’s condition, as it has interfered with his ability to function normally, Clay obviously faces trouble as he is close with Hayes. Although Clay remains loyal to Hayes as a companion and colleague, he’s also aware keeping his condition a secret is wrong, and even dangerous.

As such, the ongoing subplot has raised the question as to the fate of Jason Hayes. For now, “SEAL Team” has closed the book on the fall season and therefore the question regarding Clay’s conflict. However, when the show returns in the spring, we hope to get some kind of solid answer regarding both Hayes’s condition and his relationship with Clay.