‘SEAL Team’ Star Neil Brown Jr. Explained Why Characters ‘Can’t Stay the Same’

by Lauren Boisvert

“SEAL Team” is known for its intense storylines and realistic portrayals. Neil Brown Jr., who plays Ray Perry on the show, spoke in January about how the characters have to grow and evolve to continue those storylines.

In conversation with CBS Boston, Brown commented on the show’s emotional nature. He said, “that’s the evolution of the team, the evolution of the show. That’s the thing about this show is that they constantly evolve, they can’t stay the same.” With a show like “SEAL Team,” you can’t have characters that stay in a time bubble and never age; these characters experience immense conflict which changes them fundamentally. That needs to be shown on screen.

Brown continued, “Jason played by David Boreanaz, can’t press pause on getting older and you can only get so good for so long before father time impacts you.” We’re seeing that now, in season 5; Jason is experiencing memory issues from a traumatic brain injury, and it’s impacting his ability to lead Bravo Team.

“It’s a moving train the teams are, the SEAL teams, it doesn’t stop for no one,” said Brown. “Some people can stay on for as long as they can but then eventually, they got to get off.”

That’s definitely part of Jason’s current storyline; he may be sidelined for a bit as he tries to figure out what to do with his life. Sonny Quinn as well, as he has a new baby to think about. The train is constantly moving for these characters; we have to wait and see who’s staying on the train and who’s getting off.

‘SEAL Team’: Jason Faces Issues at Home

In the upcoming “SEAL Team” episode, airing on Paramount+ on Sunday, Jason has to stay home from a mission. Who knows how long it’s been since he did that. Ray Perry leads Bravo, while Jason sorts out his issues related to his TBI and the previous mission.

In a promo for the episode, Jason expresses his frustrations about the toll the job takes on his body and mind. He’s going to have to deal with some consequences in this episode, and answer for some things. In the previous episode, a mistake he made put the whole team in the hospital. It seems like someone ratted him out to his commanding officer, because Jason hadn’t told anyone about his condition. He was keeping it a secret like he felt he had to be tough.

That mindset has put Jason and his team in trouble. But now Jason has to answer for it. We’ll see him struggle with his new reality, and find out how he handles it on the new “SEAL Team” episode.