‘SEAL Team’: Will Ray Perry Leave the Team in Season 5?

by Joe Rutland

“SEAL Team” is about to launch Season 5 upon the world on CBS. But will war-weary Ray Perry leave the team this season?

Outsiders, that question was put to showrunner Spencer Hudnut in an article for TVLine.

Actor Neil Brown Jr. plays Perry, so any changes in his character’s status obviously will affect him, too

“We dragged Ray through so many things over the last few seasons that I think this is really a season for him to work on himself,” Hudnut said. “And to also confront his own time.”

Hudnut points out that “SEAL Team” member Terry has served 18 years in the war itself.

“And I think he may start to feel it,” Hudnut said. “Maybe there’s a calling beyond operating for him. He’s opening his eyes to maybe having an impact in the world beyond carrying a rifle.”

Whether he actually remains or not is something that will have to play itself out.

“SEAL Team” airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, on CBS. The show will have all of its episodes streaming on Paramount+ the following day. But the show moves to Paramount+ for good after its fourth episode airs on the West Coast on CBS.

Episode 5 will be available then on Paramount+ and the rest of the show’s episodes can be found there, too.

‘SEAL Team’ Star Boreanaz Loves Doing His Own Stunts For Action Series

If you tune in to “SEAL Team” and think you see one of the show’s stars doing his own stunts, then your eyes do not deceive you.

David Boreanaz admits that he loves doing them and considers it his favorite part of the show.

“I do a lot of it,” Boreanaz told Collider. “My body doesn’t respond and recover the way it used to, but I do 95 percent of it.”

The show’s stunt coordinator and Boreanaz’s stunt double know that the actor is all about that action, boss. Boreanaz plays Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes on the show.

“War wounds are good (in the show’s production),” Boreanaz said. Sometimes, the insurance and stunt pros have to deny him. In the pilot episode, his character jumps off a cargo ship’s bow and he wanted to do it. Nope, it didn’t happen.

“No, dude, you’ll break your neck with your helmet on!” was the warning from his stunt double.

Boreanaz admits that, before signing up for the role, he went through a sort of learning curve.

“It’s tough when you look at these SEALs and understand what they do,” Boreanaz said. “I didn’t fully understand what these guys did and when I signed on, I became more aware.”