‘SEAL Team’ Reveals Its ‘Tactical Advantage’ in New Trailer

by Lauren Boisvert

Bravo Team is facing a well-armed force in the new episode, which, as Clay points out, is a “huge tactical advantage.” Jason seems to disagree. “We are the tactical advantage,” he tells his team.

In a new promo for the next “SEAL Team” episode, Bravo is gathered for a celebration after their last harrowing mission. They managed to get Mandy out in episode 6, “Man on Fire,” after she saves Jason from an attack in a mine. Turns out, she was helping out an old friend; the CIA reinstated her, but didn’t fully sanction her mission, so she went alone. That’s how she ended up captured.

Now, Mandy is back stateside and paying Bravo Team a visit. In the promo, it seems like they didn’t expect her to show up, like they didn’t know she was back in the U.S. She promised Jason a phone call in the last episode, so maybe this is her doing one better and showing up in person. The team toasts to Mandy’s safe return, and then she and Jason have a tense goodbye, each saying, “I’ll see you when I see you.”

That turns out to be sooner than you’d think; the two are back in the house making out at the end of the promo. Talk about your fast movers. The two used to have sort of a thing, anyway, so maybe not that fast.

This new “SEAL Team” episode, airing on Paramount+, looks to be emotional and serious; not only is Jason dealing with his feelings for Mandy, Sonny is dealing with being a new father and his estranged relationship with Hannah Oliver. In the promo, he begs her to “make our family whole” for their child. We’ll see if she agrees.

‘SEAL Team’: Fans Are Not Happy About the Move to Paramount+

Since the news first hit that “SEAL Team” was making the shift to streaming on Paramount+, fans have been livid. Even now that a few episodes have come out, fans are still angry. “It sucks you have to pay to watch it now,” said one fan, communicating everyone’s thoughts succinctly. While Paramount+ starts at $5 a month, that includes ads. The ad-free version is $10 a month, and that’s too much for some fans.

Another problem that is getting fans steamed is the fact that “SEAL Team” is currently only available on Paramount+ in the U.S. This isolates a lot of international fans. One fan expressed this clearly, writing, “FIX THE LICENSING ISSUES WHICH IS NOW KEEPING SEAL TEAM OFF PPLUS IN CANADA.”

This shift to streaming does great things for the show, allowing them to more authentically represent their characters, and explore darker themes. But it also really alienates the fans who don’t want to pay for another streaming service or who live outside the U.S. Only time will tell if the move really benefits “SEAL Team.”