‘SEAL Team’ Season 5, Episode 11: Here’s What Stella Might Be Up To

by Megan Molseed

The SEAL Team’s Clay is certainly facing quite a few challenges while he is on assignment with the Bravo team on the Omega Mission in Venezuela. So, the feeling that his wife may be hiding something was just too much for the soldier to handle.

In the SEAL Team season five episode eleven, which is titled Violence of Action, Clay is still in South America with very little contact with the people back home.

This means that he hasn’t been able to regularly keep up with his wife, Stella (Alona Tal), and the condition of their newborn baby who is still in the NICU after arriving prematurely in the early part of the SEAL Team’s fifth season.

In the midseason premiere episode, Clay finds a way to sneak off to start a video chat with Stella.

Feeling that there is something she isn’t telling him, Clay explains to her in the middle-of-the-night call that he needs to know what is happening.

Clay has a lot going on for sure. Complications within the Omega Assignment and within the Bravo team during the South American mission are certainly on the soldier’s mind regularly.

‘SEAL Team’s’ Clay Worries About What Is Happening At Home

And, with all that is going on with his team, Clay can’t worry about what Stella may be hiding back home. Especially regarding the health status of the couple’s baby boy who is still in the NICU after arriving prematurely.

Stella does admit she has been keeping something from the soldier during the late-night phone call. What, exactly is this information that Stella was keeping from Clay? Some good news, she didn’t want the proud daddy to miss!

As it turns out, Stella and Clay’s little boy is beginning to thrive. He is doing so well as he spends time in the NICU that Stella was able to finally hold the tiny little boy.

In an emotional SEAL Team moment, Stella tells Clay that their son is doing very well and that he is “so strong, just like his daddy”!

This, of course, is good news that the dedicated soldier and proud father needed to hear. After worrying that Stella was holding back some worrisome information, Clay breaks down, along with Stella as the couple rejoices in the happy news.

Clay And Stella Have A Complicated Past

The newlywed SEAL Team couple certainly hasn’t had it easy over the previous seasons of the popular Paramount + series.

The couple met in a bar and immediately began to date. However, the romance wasn’t meant to be at the time as Stella eventually concludes that the dangerous nature of Clay’s job is more than she can handle. After moving away for a period of time, Stella returns to Virginia, revealing to the SEAL Team soldier that she still loves him.

However, the timing wasn’t right for the couple and Clay chooses another woman.

The couple stayed friends for a while, but soon they can’t deny their mutual attraction. Clay eventually proposes to Stella. And, by the beginning of the show’s fifth season, the couple was preparing to welcome their first child.

The news was exciting, for sure, but worry struck the new parents when Stella goes into premature labor, risking her life as well as the life of the couple’s son. Now, it seems, things are looking up as SEAL Team returns to the airwaves for the conclusion of the show’s fifth season.