‘SEAL Team’: Season 5 Episode 2 Full Recap

by Joe Rutland

Well, Outsiders, the action stayed hot and heavy as “SEAL Team” continued putting out yet another solid episode on Sunday night.

Let’s take a look at what happened with some assistance from TV Line.

CBS finished up with the second part of the show’s premiere two-part opener, “Trust, But Verify.”

The Bravo team was busy helping Jin, the godfather of the North Korean weapons program, defect.

It waited until daylight ended and Jason, played by David Boreanaz, and Clay, played by Max Thieriot, went inside Jin’s barracks. Jin was played by Keong Sim.

‘SEAL Team’ Members James, Clay Get North Korean Safely Out of Country

Jason and Clay told him what was going down. Guards came knocking on the barracks’ door. Just in the nick of time, Sonny, played by A.J Buckley, fixed up a Jeep to explode. It was good enough to let Jason and Clay get away with Jin.

The “SEAL Team” members got near water as they were going to meet up with a submarine. Well, a minefield happened to be in their way.

Jason, though, used a telescoping metal rod to get through safely. One thing: Jason dropped or forgot that rod. That sent him and Clay back to find it, which they did. All three made it to the waiting sub, too.

But Jason had been suffering some headaches (or forgetfulness) in both parts of this Season 5 opener. Clay spoke up about it with the Bravo team. This episode ends with Jason trying to remember what’s in his fridge, which isn’t much.

Also, Stella, played by Alona Tal, lets Clay know that she’s pregnant.

Outsiders, catch a new “SEAL Team” episode next Sunday at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, on CBS. Oh, make sure you follow this show’s track as it will be leaving CBS and going over to Paramount+.

TV Show Makes Move To Streaming Network After Four Episodes Air in October

With a move like this, “SEAL Team” wants its viewers to know the where and when about the show.

So, Outsiders, we’ve already told you that the show will move from network to streaming television. Now for the when? Well, after the Oct. 31 episode airs, then you can find a new one on at Paramount+.

New episodes will be run on that streaming service, too.

What’s happening at this time? So, Bravo is in Africa to do some work after a terrorist attack strikes. Showrunner Spencer Hudnut said these episodes will have some personal things that’ll affect each operator.

“We’re going to go out with a bang for sure — and then start [on Paramount+] with an even bigger bang,” Hudnut said.

“SEAL Team” also will air on Sundays on Paramount+ so, Outsiders, stay tuned.