‘SEAL Team’: See Moving Scene From First Episode Airing on Paramount+

by Lauren Boisvert

It looks like “Seal Team” is going to pick up right where it left off for episode 5 on Paramount+. The show’s Instagram page posted a clip from the end of episode 4, when Bravo Team is clearing out a terrorist headquarters.

Jason stops in front of a wall lined with photos, while Ray calls him on. But Jason is transfixed by a photo of a woman with her hands tied in front of her. She looks familiar.

“Ray,” he says, “That’s Mandy.”

“In SGS custody?” Ray asks. “How?”

Jason doesn’t know, but he vows that they have to do something. Ray says they’ll figure it out, “But right now we got a train to catch.” The next episode takes place, you guessed it, on a train. It’s called “Frog on the Tracks” and Jason makes it his responsibility to find Mandy.

Mandy Ellis was, of course, Bravo Team’s CIA liaison in the past. When she gave away the location of a CIA asset to save Bravo, she was demoted to field interrogations. Now, she’s been kidnapped, and Bravo Team is returning the favor she paid them.

‘Seal Team’: How Does the Paramount+ Episode Hold Up Against CBS?

Episode 5 is already available to watch on Paramount+, and the reviews are in; it’s pretty much the same show as it was on CBS, with the occasional swear. That’s to be expected, though, as there aren’t going to be huge story changes in the very beginning. They want to ease fans into the grittier “Seal Team,” not throw it at them all at once.

On the “Seal Team” Instagram page, fans commented on the latest scene. “Being on paramount + lets your writers actually write how a military person do and speak. No restrictions. Love it,” wrote one fan, commenting on the creative freedom the writers have now.

Though, a lot of fans were disappointed at the show’s switch to streaming. The comments section is full of replies denouncing the show for the move to streaming. For one, it’s an extra charge. For two, it’s only available in the U.S. That puts a lot of people out.

It’s an interesting move to make for “Seal Team,” because they have to know fans would be divided on this. Some are die-hards and would follow the show anywhere. But there are some people who weighed the pros and cons and found the whole situation to be lacking.

It’s a divisive subject, hopefully one that doesn’t end with “Seal Team”‘s cancelation. It’s unclear if ratings are as huge a factor for streaming services as they are for networks. But, as we all know, sometimes the best shows are canceled seemingly without reason. Hopefully “Seal Team” can hang on in the streaming market and come out on top.